Making the Most of Your Summer

Making the Most of Your Summer

By: Liz Kennedy
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The days are getting longer and the sunshine is calling you outside.  Your final exams are wrapping up and the feelings of euphoria begin to transform into a mixture of boredom and uncertainty and even you begin to question what the next four months will look like, or longer if this Spring semester was your last.  But Summer 2013 could be so much more for you, and your resume.  Below are a few suggestions on how to make the most of whatever you do.

Summer Semester Classes:

There’s only a short break for you between finals and when it starts all over again.  It can be challenging to focus on essays and reports while the smell of bbq drifts into your room and friends are constantly calling from the beach.  But this is your chance in class, tutorial and/or studying in the library to really focus on building relationships.  With typically smaller class sizes, get to know your professor or at least get them to know your name, as a future reference is easier to obtain from them if they actually know who you are.  Get to know your classmates and find out how they fill their free time.  Some may participating in great intramural sports, or proactive clubs that are making a difference in the world and may be in need of an extra set of hands.  Continue to focus on your classes and meet new people in the process.

Open Road:
Four months of freedom makes you want to hit the road, explore new places and get as far away from the four-walls of academia as your budget will allow.  If it’s a backpacking adventure, road trip with friends, camping, or the luxury of hotels, each has an opportunity to expand your horizons and discover new interests.  Perhaps you’ll fall in love with a new location and decide to relocate.  Or fall in love with someone and decide to relocate.  Or perhaps you’ll discover just how much you love it right where you came from.  In any case, don’t just take in the scenery, use the opportunity to learn about yourself, your likes and dislikes, skills and interests, all those might come up again while you look for a way to fund your next trip abroad.  Others have turned their summer road trip into a legacy that you can now be a part of at RoadTrip Nation.  Check out other travel options with volunteer focus, or work experience built in at The Big Guide to Living and Working Overseas.

If you don’t feel you have time to volunteer during the busy Fall & Spring semester, now you won’t have the distraction of classes and school work as an excuse.  Again, take the time to explore your personal interests and try to explore possible future careers.  There are thousands of volunteer opportunities out there, some that may simply be special events, and others that may continue throughout the year.  Volunteering is not only a great way to follow your passions but also to try something outside your comfort zone, test your own abilities and discover something new.  Check the latest listings on Symplicity and Charity Village.

Hitting the Beach, Patios and BBQs:

It seems like four months can be easily filled with lazy days in the sunshine and people watching on the beaches, parks and always filled patios of the Lower Mainland.  If this is your desired plan, and you’ve earned a break; then focus on meeting new people.  Be approachable, be friendly and make connections with people.  You never know who’s sitting next to you or who you may bump into.  It could be your future boss, or spouse, or just someone who will help you make the most of summer.


Posted on April 10, 2013