Give Oil and Gas a Chance: 5 Reasons to Consider the Energy Sector

Give Oil and Gas a Chance: 5 Reasons to Consider the Energy Sector

By: Denisa Orlandea
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After four co-op's in the oil and gas industry, Denisa Orlandea knows the kind of skills and opportunities you can gain in the energy sector. 

As the recent winner of a Student Communicator of the Year Award of Excellence from IABC/BC, Denisa proves she has gained a professional edge. She shares her insights on this industry and urges you to give oil and gas a chance! 

Denisa and her SCOY award

Prior to embarking on my co-op journey, I always pictured myself in a Communications role for a tech company surrounded by the latest gadgets, attending business meetings and networking with individuals from all walks of life.

Little did I know that I would find many of the same characteristics in a different, often scrutinized, industry – oil and gas.  I never anticipated completing all 4 co-op terms in the oil and gas industry, much less considering a career in it. Here are my favorite parts of working for the Oil and Gas industry.

1. Dynamic work opportunities

Working in the Communications Department for two different oil and gas companies provided valuable opportunities and experience in many aspects of Communication - including media relations, public relations, internal communication, stakeholder engagement and event co-ordination.

While most days are spent in the office, I’ve also had the chance to kick off my heels and trade them for some CSA-approved safety boots. Over the course of four co-op terms, I’ve flown in a helicopter, toured an oil tanker and visited an oil sands production site in addition to attending countless community and industry events and skill development workshops.

2. Collaboration
As a communicator in a large company, my experience highlighted the importance of collaboration not only within internal teams and business units, but also within the industry.  I’ve had the pleasure of working alongside engineers, geologists, archaeologists, marine biologists, aboriginal stakeholders. This is a world where competitors, at the end of the day, come together to share best practices, discover new technologies that will increase efficiency of operations, improve safety record and reduce the environmental footprint. The opportunities for networking and growing your professional contact list are endless.

3. Safety culture

Protecting the people, the environment, and the assets is the number one industry priority. Establishing a strong safety culture was a large part of the communication efforts. When oil and gas companies say ‘people are our most important resource’ they really mean it.

4. Innovation

Technological advancements have transformed the oil and gas industry into the fastest growing sector in the world. Innovation is steadily redefining production possibilities and, in turn, contributing to the societal comforts and lifestyle we benefit from today.

5. Global opportunities
Energy resources are found around the globe and many of Canada’s companies are developing resources in Africa, the Middle East, Asia, offshore in the North Atlantic, in the Caribbean – almost every region of the globe. As well, many international companies are establishing a presence in Canada to develop our own energy resources. This means this industry is really and truly a global industry. If you suffer from wanderlust, a career in this field can enable unique opportunities to work in all corners of the globe.

Working in the oil and gas industry means being part of something that trickles into all aspects of our daily lives.  One thing is for sure: every day is a new adventure. Adaptability is key - so be ready for anything. 

Posted on June 20, 2014