Coach Talks: A Letter to A Reader

Coach Talks: A Letter to A Reader

By: Stephen Kaita
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Dear Reader,

I am here to state my thoughts on why I volunteer at specific organizations. In this article, I’ll explain three of my past or present volunteer roles. I hope you can find a theme within these three organizations.


High School Wrestling Coach

As a high school wrestling coach, my duties involve teaching and explaining wrestling techniques. Additionally, I also run a Facebook page for communications throughout my town. I volunteer as a coach because I want to gain experience in explaining topics to an audience of youth aged 11-18 and create new pedagogical learning strategies through physical activity.

Volunteer Teaching Assistant

When I used to volunteer at my high school, my duties involved explaining high school physics and mathematics. Throughout the process, I was learning technological strategies in teaching subject materials, and gaining classroom experience. My favourite part of volunteering at my high school was interacting with the new student population after I had graduated.

Career Peer Educator

Finally, I volunteer at SFU Career Services as a Career Peer Educator. Some of my duties involve advising on resumes, cover letters, and interview tips and facilitating workshops. The reason I volunteer for this specific department is because I want to enhance my one-on-one communication skills through advising, as well as learn new explanation techniques through workshop facilitation.


So, I have three different volunteer positions, all at different organizations.  Could you find the theme within volunteer positions?

I volunteer with organizations that I believe in. Our values and beliefs are shaped by interactions with people and the experiences we go through. As the reader of this article, find volunteer organizations you believe in. I’m not saying you shouldn’t try anything outside your expertise (I highly encourage it), but try organizations you believe in that will also help you (this will be a cliché) get you out of your comfort zone. So, volunteer. It will shape you as a person. Thanks for reading!




P.S. If you don’t know what the theme of my three volunteer positions, I want to become an educator with the youth population.


Posted on October 09, 2014