Look Successful, Be Successful, with Dress for Success

Look Successful, Be Successful, with Dress for Success

By: Katie Hoang
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Imagine feeling empowered while looking fine and fabulous at the same time. When someone is confident in their appearance, it certainly manifests itself in their attitude as well. Dress for Success is a charity organization located in the heart of downtown Vancouver with the goal of achieving exactly this! With locations in over 120 cities across the globe, Dress for Success comprises of a team of committed and passionate individuals who constantly strive for a common goal, and that is the independence for underprivileged women all over the world.

This not-for-profit organization does more than simply provide proper professional attire; they also serve as a personal mentor for the average woman on the go. Upon a woman’s first visit, she will be provided an ensemble specially tailored to her interview. Following the success of the interview, she is then welcomed back to Dress for Success to further grow her professional wardrobe. Securing a job interview is only half the battle; maintaining that career is the other half and is equally as essential and rewarding. Dress for Success recognizes this and will be there every step of the way for reassurance and encouragement.

Dress for Success in Vancouver works hard to further this vision. They help women everywhere to discover job opportunities, offer support and guidance in all aspects of their lives, and simply just inspiring them to find value and success in what they do. When a woman is dressed appropriately for whatever occasion, the wonders it can do to her attitude and confidence is limitless. Dress for Success is always looking for donations and volunteers, especially during the bustling holiday season. There is no time other than the present if you want to join the movement and empower those around you!

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Katie Hoang is finishing up her English degree at SFU. She enjoys volunteering in her community, reading classic literature, and the occasional Netflix binge. After graduation, she hopes to pack up her life into boxes, move across the globe, learn a new language, and see where life takes her.

Posted on December 09, 2014