Top 5 Podcasts to Launch Your Career

Top 5 Podcasts to Launch Your Career

By: Manal Masud
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Whether you are just starting university, soon to graduate, or somewhere in the middle, exploring career options and looking for ways to accelerate your career is always a good idea. There are numerous podcasts filled with valuable information on the web that can help. Career podcasts range from well-known media companies to amateur enthusiasts that span every topic you can think of. The best thing about these podcasts is that they are FREE which is great news for us debt-ridden, living off ramen noodles students. Listed below are my top 5 career podcast that have provided me with motivation, insight into various career paths, and tips on marketing myself plus they have made my commute to and from SFU a lot more engaging and productive.

1. The Accidental Creative | Creativity, Innovation, and Doing Brilliant Work

From the author of the book by the same title, Todd Henry is the founder of Accidental Creative, a company that helps creative people and teams generate brilliant ideas. Todd interviews creative people and shares tips on how to jumpstart the creative process and thrive in a creative marketplace. This podcasts features interviews with artists and leaders such as Seth Godin, David Allen, Steven Pressfield and many others. The accidental creative podcast addresses real world issues faced in today’s create-on-demand world and shares practices that help you stay productive and healthy in your life and work.

2. Career Tools

Career Tools is an award winning weekly podcast designed to give individuals the practical, actionable information needed to have a successful career. Although mostly focused on management, it is still a great resource for those interested in jump-starting a stalled career, or sharpening edge.

3. How Did You Get Into That? | Careers, Entrepreneurship, Small Business

Hosted by Grant Baldwin an entrepreneur, speaker and author, this podcast features people from all walks of life pursuing interesting careers. It is must listen for those of you looking for your first career (most of us university students), ready to make a career shift, interested in starting a business, becoming an entrepreneur or just in need for inspirational and motivational kick in the pants. Each episode takes you on a journey of normal, everyday people who wanted to pursue a rewarding career and did the work to make that happen.

4. Pink Coattails

Pink Coattails is a podcast for savvy women that brings powerful, yet practical and easy to implement information to get everyday women in the driver’s seat of their careers. It is hosted by Dr. Ellen Britt, an award-winning Online Marketing Strategist, best-selling author, podcaster, master interviewer and founder of Pink Coattails podcast addresses a wide range of topics ranging from advice and resources on the best business and personal development books, social media, passive income, public speaking, how to charge what you are worth, product creation, outsourcing and it even deals with health, meditation, sleep, and cooking.

5. Smart Freelancing: Freelance Work |Getting Clients| Freelance Writing | Freelance Design

Smart Freelancing teaches you how to maximize profits while doing the work you love and gaining clients. This highly engaging podcast is hosted by Ed Gandia, co-author of the bestselling book The Wealthy Freelancer, who will walk you through the practical, doable systems and strategies he has developed in his own freelancing business. As a student if you are considering freelancing part time to earn some extra cash and explore you career options, this is a great podcast for you.

These are just a few out of the many excellent career podcasts out there, search around iTunes and give them a try, it never hurts to listen to good advice. Click here to listen to the podcasts mentioned above and find many more that suit your personal career needs.


About the Author:
Manal Masud is a third year student studying Biomedical Physiology and Kinesiology at SFU. She enjoys volunteering, running, cooking and reading in her spare time. Connect with Manal on LinkedIn to learn about her volunteer and career endeavors.

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Posted on December 10, 2014