#beCPE: You Are Welcome to Join our Career Peer Family!

#beCPE: You Are Welcome to Join our Career Peer Family!

By: Daniel Wang
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My name is Daniel and I have been volunteering as a Career Peer Educator at SFU Career Services since 2013. Career Peer Educators have the responsibility of providing one-on-one advising on students’ resumes and cover letters, and giving interview tips. I think that being a Career Peer Educator has been a valuable and unforgettable experience in my university life. I would like to share some of my personal perspectives on why being a Career Peer Educator has been my favorite experience!


  • Being a Career Peer Educator is a great way to gain in-depth knowledge on career-relevant skills.

For me, I gained a vast variety of professional knowledge on building resumes, cover letters, and interview preparation through training by skillful supervisors and traids (mock-advising sections with peers). What I found most exciting about the experience is that we also had opportunities to guide students and help them to improve by sharing the knowledge we gained in a personalized way.  I think both the learning process and teaching process are rewarding! My active listening skills and communication skills significantly improved through advising students.


  • Working with like-minded people, expanding networks, gaining valuable experience in personal and professional development through mentoring and coaching.

       Build your social network with SFU Career Services, and trust me you will meet many like-minded Career Peer Educators from different faculties. They are all talented and supportive people who make me feel comfortable and enjoy of being a member of the Career Peer Educators. In addition to the lovely peers, we had a coach who provide useful tips and assisted us on improving some skills. For me, I want to improve my time-management skills. My coach used specific plans to guide my actions on how to improve that skill. Moreover, we also had the opportunity to develop a mentorship with one of professional staff at SFU Career Services. All I can say is that all the professional staff are caring and provide the greatest guidelines to our professional development. The staff all have different backgrounds, and you can find a perfect match when you work with them.


      There are so many benefits of being a Career Peer Educator, and I cannot list them all. If you want to explore the benefits of being a Career Peer Educator and want to help other students, do not hesitate to find out more here! Apply before the early bird deadline of February 26th and be guaranteed an interview. 

Posted on April 02, 2015