Engaging with the Global Education Market

Engaging with the Global Education Market

By: Andreas Qvale Hovland | International Studies Student
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Economics and Anthropology student Andreas Qvale Hovland did his co-op at Illuminate Consulting Group (ICG).  He shares how his understanding of Global Education Market was enriched.  This article was originally published in the Arts Co-op Newsletter in Spring 2015.

Before joining ICG in September 2014, I thought I had an idea what the term “global education market” entailed. However, I would soon experience that this industry, which in 2014 grew to a $4.45 trillion industry, is complex, fascinating, and rapidly changing.

ICG is located in the city of San Carlos, about a 30-minute train ride outside of San Francisco. It is a consulting firm that provides research and strategy for the global education market, with clients across the world, including institutions, interest groups and governments.

As students, we do not think of our university as being a part of an industry, even less so as a part of a global landscape. Working for ICG has been exciting because each client project is embedded in a unique national education policy context, as well as within a global context. Trying to understand how it all interconnects has been a steep learning curve!

Due to the research-driven nature of the work ICG conducts, my term has refined my quantitative research and analysis skills, and introduced me to project processes. From the client proposal to the final report, I have been a part of methodology discussions, refinement, data collection, organization, visualization, and final analysis.

The highlights of living in San Francisco are discovering new parts of the city each week, free festivals, the (almost always shining) California sun, and the energy of all the other young people who came to the city to explore and build their careers. Accepting an international Co-op offer can feel daunting at first due to the uncertain nature of a new place and the logistics of moving. But once you are all settled in, an international placement is a unique opportunity to explore a different work environment, work with people from different backgrounds, and to allow your conceptions of the world to be challenged – even if the placement is just a two-hour flight away from Vancouver.

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Posted on January 08, 2015