Job Search Tips & Tricks

Job Search Tips & Tricks

By: Victoria Cottell
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Victoria, student advisor for the Arts co-op program, shares her top four tips to help you become a more competitive candidate for today’s job search as a co-op student.  This article was originally published in the Arts Co-op Connect newsletter in Spring 2013.

Apply, apply, apply!

One of the most common reasons for a co-op student not securing a position is the lack of applications. The more positions you apply to, the better your chances of getting an interview and with more interviews, the better your chances of securing a position.

Be flexible.

Apply to positions that are 4, 8 or even 12 months. Even try applying to positions outside of the Lower Mainland. There are some great positions in other parts of the country and other parts of the world! Experience a new city or country! Apply to positions that look interesting but may not be in your faculty. For example, try applying for Communication or Business positions.

Use the available resources.

As a co-op student, you have access to many resources including your co-op coordinators and student advisors. They can help with resumes, cover letters and practice interviews. There are also work reports from previous co-op students that you can read, the SFU OLC (Online Learning Community), Interview Stream, and additional workshops such as the Resume Design Makeover Workshop.

Be persistent.

Keep applying. If you are not having any luck with getting interviews, meet with your coordinator or advisor for advice on how to improve your documents to increase your chances of being selected. If you are getting interviews but no offers, see your coordinator or advisor to do a practice interview to see where you can improve.

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Posted on January 05, 2013