Fusion Festival

Fusion Festival

By: Hajira Khan
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Imagine visiting Japan, India, Ireland and many other iconic countries all from the comfort of a local neighborhood park. Fusion Festival allows thousands of locals and out of province guests to experience different cultures, art, musical extravaganzas and many other interactive activities right in the heart of Surrey’s community every year!

Striving to be the most community engaged university in the world, SFU never ceases to amaze me with the level of interaction with all different kinds of individuals from various age ranges that visit the SFU booth. From interactive games, to winning prizes, to a kid friendly environment, the SFU booth has it all! I had the pleasure of volunteering as a Team Leader for SFU’s booth at the 2016 Fusion Festival.

As a Team Leader, I worked alongside a dynamic team of other Team Leaders, several volunteers and Trisha Dulku, SFU Surrey’s Community Projects Coordinator. Together, our team was able to provide community members with knowledge about SFU as well as engage and interact with the audience in a way which truly built a communal vibe. Our goal for the SFU booth was to connect with community members and to create an environment that was fun for guests and for us!

Volunteering for SFU’s booth at Fusion Festival was truly rewarding. Team members were very supportive and volunteers were very enthusiastic. Team Leaders were provided the opportunity to pitch new ideas, improve existing techniques and openly discuss or role and work pertaining to key activities. This opportunity allowed me to expand and add to my skills and abilities of being in a leadership role. I was able to plan, execute and pitch ideas with more confidence after my volunteer experience at Fusion. This was a very rewarding factor for me because not only was I helping my university and engaging with my community, but I was also learning hands on and real life skill sets which became very valuable assets in work place settings and even day-to-day life.

The SFU booth at Fusion Festival has become an iconic destination for individuals of all ages to come and have a good time. Volunteering and being on the side of providing this iconic experience was invaluable. I highly encourage current students and alumni to participate in this opportunity as it provides and experience like no other which can even lead to long term friendships! Fusion Festival 2017 is anticipating over 100 000 thousand individuals with performances from renowned artists and celebrities from around the world. Join the fun and become a volunteer for the SFU booth! 

Recruitment for Fusion Festival volunteers is currently happening! Application details are available at MyInvolvement. Questions can be directed to tdulku@sfu.ca

Posted on July 13, 2017