How Dating is like Interviewing and How to Conquer Both

How Dating is like Interviewing and How to Conquer Both

By: Jessica Parsons
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Interviews can be a stressful event, full of anxiety and confusion. Much like the dating world, interviews are a first meeting where you are desperately hoping the other person will like you and vice versa. Finding a co-op job seems to be much like browsing online dating apps for a match. Here are some examples of how online dating and interviews are similar and some things to keep in mind for both situations.

1. Research

Whether you have just matched on tinder or you’ve been emailed for a job interview, research seems to be the first step to a successful outcome. Technology in dating has allowed individuals to “study” the other person on Facebook or other social media platforms beforehand to assess them and perhaps learn something about them to talk about. Interviews are the same! Before going into an interview you should thoroughly research the company to make sure you know what their goals and initiatives are and how you fit into that.

2. Pick an appropriate outfit

For a date, you would most likely choose an outfit based on where the location is. How you would dress for a costume party will be very different from a coffee shop date – I would hope. Keep this in mind for interviews as well! Dress for the company. You should pick out something that fits with the company’s standards; if it is a summer camp it will be a lot more relaxed than a government office job.

3. Curb the nerves

Meeting new people can be stressful for anyone, and even more so when you really want the other person to like you. For dating and interviews alike it is okay to be nervous. In both situations, the other person really wants you to be “the one” just as much as you do. Use those nerves to your advantage, and if they are really obvious, it is okay to let the other person know about it. Most of the time, this honesty will make you look charming and personable.

4. Don’t babble

In dates, you will a lot of questions about yourself, and of course you are an expert, which makes it easy to go on and on. Don’t do this. Answer questions as well as you can but cut yourself off when you start blithering off topic. If it applies after you have answered, ask a question back. In both situations, make sure to show an interest in the other person. Remember that listening can go a long way and you need to know them as well as they know you.

5. Leave them wanting more

If you enjoyed your date, you might give the other person your phone number or contact information to set up another one. Much like dating, if you want the job you should leave your contact information and references with the interviewer.

6. Wait and hope

If it went well, you will receive your phone call, whether it is for another date or the job you wanted. If you don’t, that is okay too. Sometimes the other person is looking for someone in particular and for whatever reason, you didn’t cut it. This doesn’t mean you should hole yourself up and forget about ever getting out there again. It just means that you need to move on and try again. You will find the perfect fit for you eventually!

It is hard out there. Whether you are looking for Mr./Ms. Right or just looking for the right job, you are going to have your ups and downs. Keep moving forward and always remember to be the best version of yourself you can be. 

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Posted on November 02, 2017