Adams Insurance Group: What it Means to Become an Autoplan Agent

Adams Insurance Group: What it Means to Become an Autoplan Agent

By: Amy Deng | Criminology and Sociology Student
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The Adams Insurance Group is an independent brokerage which sells autoplan insurance on behalf of The Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC). As a second term co-op student, much of my previous experience was centered on community outreach and the non-profit sector. Working in the insurance industry was a drastic change from my usual work environment as it involves a shift towards administrative procedures and clerical work in an office. Having very limited knowledge of insurance in general, my placement with the brokerage was an unexpected opportunity to expand my understanding of insurance policies; as well as adjust to the work culture of an office environment and working with other agents and clients.

My Position as an Autoplan Insurance Agent

While working at the brokerage, I was able to gain an in-depth understanding of different vehicle policies to ensure that each client receives the best coverage available. This includes specific knowledge about insurance premiums, vehicle coverage and the claim adjustment process in the event of vehicle accidents. I was required to uphold a high standard of service by calculating accurate rates and creating quotes for insurance renewals, as well as process sensitive information regarding account and payment plans under strict discretion.

Aside from working with clients in the office, much of my day also involved assisting road agents with their daily paperwork. This included meeting one-on-one with each agent at the start of the day to ensure that all transactions from the day before has been properly accounted for. As well as communicating with agents over the phone to check up on any additional inquires on behalf of important clients.

Working as a co-op student implied that I was a stable source of information since I am in the office every day during my work-term. Therefore, questions and concerns regarding transactions from the day before were often directed back to my attention. This has allowed me to develop excellent communication and problem-solving skills within the workplace where I am required to act as the main point of contact between agents and client - preventing miscommunication, and resolving any lingering issues from previous transactions.

Adjusting to the Office Work Culture

During my work term at the brokerage, most of my time was spent performing standard office procedures such as filing, data entry, checking inventory and reviewing daily transactions and paperwork. I was expected to operate basic machinery including the photocopier, the fax machine and the shredder, as well as learn to navigate specific online systems, and access insurance files and company accounts. I found that maintaining attention to detail and developing exceptional organizational skills was necessary to completing all my tasks within a reasonable timeframe.

As with most administrative jobs, additional certification and licensing were needed before I could fully meet the requirements of my position. All insurance agents must be specifically licensed by the Insurance Council of British Columbia prior to performing insurance procedures. Students working on behalf of the brokerage must then complete a training course and examination to fully understand the innerworkings of the insurance industry. With the subsequent license application being fully sponsored by the brokerage.

Final Thoughts and Reflections

Overall, I would recommend students to develop appropriate time management skills to avoid being overloaded with too much information during the initial stages of the work term. Although the learning process could take some time to adjust to, I was able to retain useful information about the importance of insurance; while also making lasting connections with other agents and coworkers.

And finally, a message to all future students applying to work at the brokerage: try your best and don’t be afraid to ask questions!

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Posted on July 27, 2018