Digital Flourishing: How to Support Your Well-being in a Digital World

Digital Flourishing: How to Support Your Well-being in a Digital World

By: SFU Health and Counselling
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As we prepare to enter into our third semester of online learning, our Zoom/BB Collaborate fatigue is catching up to us and our bodies are no doubt feeling the impact of remote work and studying. However, we can lessen this stress through embedding mindful practices into our daily life. Here are some easy ways to support your well-being in this digital world:

Physical Health

With many of the aspects of our lives moving to virtual platforms, we are spending time on our screens more than ever. Over time, this can negative impact your physical health. Some ways to prevent this include:


Without the daily structure we’re used to, it’s easy to grow unmotivated. To maintain your productivity, try:

  • Using apps intentionally by taking inventory of the apps you’re using the most and consider setting up timers to maximize time spent on your devices
  • Setting special break times to check your social media and updating notification alerts to reduce the amount of interruptions
  • Designating a tech-free time/hour at least once per day
  • Setting up a specific spot for studying, if possible. If your desk space is limited, consider changing the direction your chair faces when studying versus when eating or socializing
  • Creating daily check lists to introduce some structure to your day and celebrate accomplishments, both big and small

Contribution & Citizenship

When engaging on online communities, remember:

  • To contribute to creating an inclusive online space by reflecting and reviewing your comments before posting to ensure that they are appropriate and respectful
  • That your comments may be public and permanently online – consider whether the information shared is how you would like to represent yourself in person and online
  • To double check the source of information before sharing it with others

Social Connections

Virtual interactions can be very different from how they are in person. Be sure to create a safe online environment by:

  • Unfollowing or unsubscribing from online communities that do not contribute to your sense of self, well-being and values
  • Creating meaningful interactions by reaching out to important people in your life and finding opportunities to connect virtually
  • Growing your supportive community by joining online groups that are meaningful to you and enhance your quality of life
  • Exploring additional ideas on how to enhance your social connections virtually

Mental Health & Overall Well-being

The constant presence of technology in our daily lives can take a toll on our well-being. Because of this, it is necessary to make appropriate boundaries to maximize your health.

You can do this by:

  • Using technology mindfully. Look up #kindess or #inspired when using technology for some positive content and consider using apps or taking virtual classes that create opportunities for you to explore your creativity or learn a new skill
  • Taking breaks from technology
  • Practicing gratitude: try writing down 3 instances you experienced or witnessed a kind act and 3 instances you have showed kindness to someone else
  • Reflecting inward: Pick up a pen and paper and do a 5-minute free write by journaling after interacting online to check in with how you’re feeling
  • Exploring additional ways you can make space for your well-being virtually

The switch to remote learning and work may be difficult but embedding these simple practices can help lessen the mental and physical stress that technology can have on your well-being.

Give a few of these tips a try today; your health will thank you!


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Posted on August 26, 2020