Surviving Workplace Politics

Workplace Transition

Ever been peeved with workplace politics? Have you ever been a victim of office politics? One student shares her experiences from the workplace with tips on how to survive.

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Tips for Co-op Hopefuls

Co-operative Education

Want to know how to get a head start in applying for co-op jobs? Stephanie Liboiron, SFU Communication Co-op student, shares some tips for newly-admitted co-op students looking for their first co-op placement.

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Tips to land a job after graduation


Afraid not finding a good Job? So How do you look for a job? Do you flip through the newspaper or browse on the Internet all day? Here shares some tips on searching for work both in school and outside of the school.

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Indigenous Stories: Mike, SFU Alumni

Treaty 4

"I have no solid plans for the future and I love it...I know that every experience that I have had, every failed plan, was really an excellent mistake that gave me the skills I need to handle any situation that gets thrown my way in the future." 

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Fraser Health Focuses On Increasing Aboriginal Employee Base

Indigenous Employers

Join our organization to help narrow the health gap between Aboriginal and Non-Aboriginal patients and residents by providing a better cultural fit within Fraser Health. 


Make the Most of your Co-op Site Visits

Workplace Transition

Your Co-op Coordinator, supervisor, and you in the same room -- time for a site visit! Co-op site visits are a time for reflection on your work term including what could be improved and what has been great so far.

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WIL Video Contest 2009 Winner Showcase


SFU's Work Integrated  Learning (WIL) Unit awarded two sets of Olympic tickets to excited students  on Friday, February 5th, 2010, at SFU Surrey Campus, as part of their bi-annual  video contest. See the winning videos here!

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Co-op Lightning Round: Top Tips for Success

Top Tip Lists

We asked the following question across our social media sites and here are some of the responses.  


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LEAD - A Certificate in Innovative Leadership


Leadership is an increasingly popular term in our everyday lives.  We hear it used by employers in the job search process, by the media in descriptions of well known politicians or athletes, and by universities and colleges in their recruitment materials.  But what does it mean, exactly?

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