5 Tips for Making a Successful Transition from School to Work

Workplace Transition

Students are often hoping to quickly graduate and find the job of their dreams, but school and work can be extremely different and the gap can be fairly difficult for some to adapt to. Here are five tips to help you prepare for the work force! 

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Business Career Management Corner: Professionalism in the Workplace

Workplace Transition

Landing the job is only the first step. Once you arrive for work you not only need to make a good first impression, but create a lasting professional reputation.

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Decolonization Workshop Series

Indigenous Event

SFPIRG is offering a series of Decolonization Workshops this fall: Decolonization 101, Beyond Residential Schools, Resistance and Resiliance in BC and Matrilinealism  The workshops are open for anyone who is interested. 

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Indigenous Career Story: Corey Dekker, Aboriginal Affairs, CEAA


Everyone wanted to know what others were planning to do with their education. I remember one classmate’s mother asking me: “what sort of job are you going pursue with a degree in Political Science?" Every Liberal Arts student has confronted this question, and most – if anything like myself – have struggled to answer it. 

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Citizenship, Business and First Nations: Finding a Way Forward


Net Impact as part of their mission statement as emerging business leaders is to make a positive environmental, social and economic impact in the Vancouver community by advocating responsible and sustainable business practices.

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Must-know Tips For A University Freshman - Part 2

student clubs

Making the transition from high school to university can be exciting but difficult, check out some useful tips and advice from a senior student so you can make the most out of your first year at SFU!

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Natalie's First Day at Allied Vision Technologies

First Weeks on the Job

Are you starting your first day at work soon? Getting anxious because you don't know what to expect? Read on to learn more about Natalie's experience and her tips on making the most out of your first day.

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Top Ten Ways to Wow Your Boss

Top Tip Lists

You impressed your boss during your job interview, but now it’s time to really show what you are capable of. A good business relationship with your boss is one of the components of a positive work experience. Here are the top tens ways to dazzle your new employer.

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First Nations Student Association at SFU Orienatation


The First Nations Student Association was part of the Orientation for the first time ever in the history of SFU this year a great step in the right direction for not only the FNSA but the SFU Orientation program as well.

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UNBC to Lead National Urban Aboriginal Knowledge Network in Western Canada

Indigenous Community Stories

The University of Northern British Columbia is partnering with the National Association of Friendship Centres (NAFC), government ministries, and regional research centres across Canada to develop the Urban Aboriginal Knowledge Network (UAKN) and research the policies and issues that affect Canada’s city-dwelling aboriginal population.


Coast Salish Singing

Indigenous SFU Community Stories

Karen went to the Coast Salish singing workshop for several reasons. First she was aboriginal, new to SFU and thought it would be fun. Also she would be able to meet some other aboriginal students. Find out more about Coast Salish Singing...

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Must-know Tips For A University Freshman - Part 1

studying tips

Making the transition from high school to university can be exciting but difficult, check out some useful tips and advice from a senior student so you can make the most out of your first year at SFU!

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What To Do: Your First Week On the Job...

First Weeks on the Job

You’ve applied for the job, gone through the interview, been selected, and now you’re ready to begin your first week on the job! But are you?

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Top Ten: Best Ways to Make a GREAT Impression


The Co-op advisors at SFU are in the unique position of hearing from both employers and students about what makes a successful work term. Paulette Johnston has a list of ten simple ways to get off on the right foot.

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Tips On Preparing For The Big Fair 2012

Career Services

Keep an eye out on this post for some great tips on how to prepare for SFU's largest on-campus career fair, the Big Fair! A new tip will be posted every few days!

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Brave-Up on the OLC: Why Absurd And Illogical Ideas Matter


Einstein glorified human experience as the ultimate knowledge for a very good reason. From a very young age, our brain has been setting up patterns to categorize and organize our experiences. However these patterns, which create many of our societal norms, actually inhibit our creativity. This is where absurd and illogical ideas come in – yes, that person in meetings with "strange" ideas may very well be the next Einstein.

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6 Common Mistakes University Students Make

Academic Success

Are you guilty of making these common mistakes many university students make? Read on to find out how you can avoid making them and improve your academic experience at SFU as well as your university and professional life.

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Come on Down to The Week of Welcome!

Student Development

Whether your new to SFU or an old vet, there's tons of great stuff for you to check out at the Week of Welcome - at the very least you can find some free snacks.

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Brave-Up on the OLC: Positive Thinking

Jason's Blog

The saying, “Everyone is a critic”, is not an incorrect statement. Criticism, judgement and negative thinking are very much a part of the qualities that allowed us to survive hundreds of years ago. However, the prevalence of these qualities are greater in our current time, but not for the same reasons. In order for us to personally progress ourselves, we must shift our negative tendency and adopt a more positive perspective.

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Assembly of First Nations A Call to Action


Investing in First Nations is not only a benefit to the social, cultural and economic well-being of First Nations communities, it is also a long-term and sustainable stimulus plan for Canada’s economy. Statistics Canada has predicted that Canada will face a labour shortage by 2017 as baby boomers retire and there are fewer workers to replace them.

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