Blog Writing Tips

Blog Writing Tips

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What WIL you blog about?
Before you begin writing a blog post, you may want to choose a topic which you are passionate about. You may want to choose a topic you love discussing with others about or a topic you are familiar with, but this can also be a great opportunity for you to explore a topic you are not interested in but never had time to look into.

You can blog about your stories, experiences and advice related to various aspects of your university life, including academic, career, volunteer and work.

For instance, you may offer advice on how you decided on the program you wanted to concentrate on (i.e. talking to professors, advisors, etc.). If you are a co-op student, you may share tips on you got ready to apply for your first work term, what you wished you knew before starting your first co-op, or how to interact with your co-workers, etc.

If you are close to graduating, you may want to share tips on how you go about networking and expanding your contacts or how to look for professional development opportunities to get ready for the professional world.

If you started your university/academic career just recently, you may want to share tips on how to work on time management skills to achieve academic success, how to make the most out of your university life by getting involved on campus, or anything else that you think will be useful for your peers to know about during their studies here at SFU.

General Tips
• Blog posts should be academic, work, volunteer or WIL related and are specific to the interests/needs of SFU current students, alumni, staff and/or employers.
• Writing should be focused, informative, easy to understand and conversational.
• Paragraphs should be short and concise.
• Share your personal experiences and stories, expertise, interests, ideas and passion.
• Make connections to the reader – why is the information important to them? What can they do with this information? What actions can they take?

Specific Tips
• Generally, each blog should be around 400-800 words
• Use descriptive, snappy headlines that reveal and sell your point of the post and give the maximum amount of information with the least amount of words.
• Start off with an interesting or thought-provoking paragraph to draw people in.
• Use bullets/ numbers
• Include the number of tips in the title, if necessary (e.g. Top 5 ways to get involved over the summer)
• Link to other sites and relevant articles posted in the past
• Ensure the article links back to OLC mission – to support students with networking, learning and information sharing related to personal, academic and professional skill development.

Posted on September 29, 2011