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For my first and second coop work terms, I was fortunate to secure an 8-month position with PBR Laboratories, located in Edmonton, AB, as a Laboratory Assistant.


3 Resources to Ace Your Next Paper


Having trouble researching for your next paper? Here are some tips on how to use the Internet to its fullest to help ace your next essay.

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Working in the Sensorimotor Neuroscience Lab was an experience I could not have gotten anywhere else. I got to see what life in a lab was like and had really great resources to learn from.


Flying the Coop: A Change of Pace in Ottawa

Co-operative Education

Through Arts Co-op, I landed a position which has helped me bridge the gap between education and the workforce, and has also provided me with valuable experience working in the Canadian public service.

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Student Spotlight: Iris Eom


The OLC talks to Iris Eom, 3rd year MBB, Computing Science joint major. Keep reading to learn about her experience at the UBC James Hogg iCAPTURE Centre at St. Paul's Hospital.

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Student Spotlight: Gagan Sanghera


The OLC talks to Gagan Sanghera, a 3rd year student who had the opportunity to work as a research assistant at the UBC Division of Infectious Control.

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On Campus Like?

Co-op Reflections

Working for International Co-op at SFU has provided me with a wide range of experiences to boost my portfolio and resume. As the Communications and Marketing Assistant for SFU International Co-op, I worked......

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