Your First Day: Preparation Timeline

School of Interactive Arts & Technology (SIAT)

Congrats! You’ve landed that job you worked so hard to get. Now what? Here's a guide with tips on how to to prepare for your new co-op term!

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Mental Health and Wellness

Life Balance

As humans, we will all have times in our life when our mental health is not at its best. Our health can be affected by a life event or brain chemistry that causes our brain to be strained and suffer from mental illness. This blog post intends to provide you with a few tips on how to manage mental illnesses common amongst university students, like stress, anxiety, and depression.

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The Importance of Study Breaks

study breaks

Ever wonder if you will be more productive after taking breaks during studying sessions? Read on to find out more...


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Sleep for Success

Life Balance

So what’s your Sleep IQ? Do you know how much you need? What’s the best thing to do when you just can’t fall asleep? Should you nap during the day? Read on to get a better nights sleep, and feel and perform better in your daily life.

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Sleeping for Success at Work!

workplace success

The days of pulling all nighters and getting by on 2-3 hours sleep are over! Getting enough sleep is essential to ensure you can keep up with the demands of a fulltime work schedule and put forth your best performance.

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