Thank you from Our Learning Community


Thank you from Our Learning Community

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Ever wondered where the amazing content and insightful knowledge on Our Learning Community (OLC) came from? You guessed it - it is our extraordinary team of dedicated volunteers, alumni and staff! As we wrap up 2012, we would like to take a moment to thank everyone, and highlight some of the excellent work from our amazing contributors. 

OLC Student Writers

We learn and grow through the stories and experiences our student contributors share with us. Some of our outstanding volunteers include:

  • Dennis Chen: Dennis is well-known for his insightful and invaluable advice on career advancement, workplace success and university life on the OLC. Jump start your career with Dennis' articles.
  • Natalie PopeBlogging about her co-op journey from her very first job interview and offer to her current work placement, Natalie has shared with the OLC countless valuable insights and stories about her job search and workplace success.
  • Ray WangRay brought his writing and research talents to the OLC by writing countless articles on volunteering, environmentalism, career development, entrepreneurship and social media. 
  • Jason YehFeeling down and frustrated with something in your life? This is where Jason and his motivational blogs come in on the community, to help you get through your day. Get inspired and start living life the way you want with Jason's blogs.

OLC Technical Assistant

We would like to extend our thanks to Kevin So for his time in reviewing and providing us with invaluable feedback on the design and usability of our Portfolio and Experiences tools, to enhance your overall user experience with the OLC site. 

SFU Alumni

These alumni donated their time by sharing personal stories and insightful life and career advice with the OLC through our Alumni Spotlight interview series:

None of our social media engagement efforts would be possible without the time volunteered by our social media coordinator:

  • Bealaine Pamandanan: The recent SFU Marketing grad currently works at  a local start-up, Weddingful, as their social media and marketing intern. While she's not sharing her talents there, she helps update our @SFU_OLC Twitter account, as well write Facebook posts for SFU Co-op and Careers.

Work Integrated Learning (WIL) and SFU Staff

We thank all WIL and SFU staff for providing the OLC with the most up-to-date information on career development, volunteering, SFU community, Co-op and more. Keep an eye out on these series in the new year:

  • Communique: Get the latest advice and tips from Communication Co-op coordinators and students on job search, workplace success, professional development and more
  • CSI blog: Whether you're a first-year or senior student, you will find all the advice and information you need to jump start your career from our Career Advisors and Peers
  • Dave's Diary: Ongoing series of journal entries touching on various topics related to your academic, personal and professional life
  • ENGAGE blog: Your one-stop shop for the latest news, trends and stories about volunteer and community engagement
  • Indigenous SFU: Highlights of programs, student services, events and other support for self-identified Indigenous Students
  • SIAT Co-op blog: Find portfolio, design, industry and Co-op related information and tips from the official SIAT Co-op blog

Get Involved in 2013!

Looking to contribute your writing, design or tech skills? We would love to work with you to find an OLC volunteer opportunity that best fits your interests and learning goals. Please contact our volunteer coordinator Grace Chiu at

Posted on January 13, 2013