Tips On Preparing For The Big Fair 2012

The Big Fair 2012

Tips On Preparing For The Big Fair 2012

By: SFU Career Services
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The Big Fair 2012 is coming up fast! Presented by SFU Career Services and AIESEC SFU, the Big Fair is SFU's largest on-campus career fair attended by over 3,000 students and alumni. It's an event where employers, graduate schools, and non-profit organizations come on campus to introduce career options to students and alumni who seek that ideal opportunity. Merging three great fairs in one, the Big Fair features a Career Fair, a Graduate Fair, and a Volunteer Fair.

For more information about the Big Fair, please visit:

Watch out for some great tips in this post to help you prepare for the fair!

Tip for September 7th:

10 days to go before the Big Fair!

RSVP through Symplicity for the Big Fair to receive

  • Tips on how to effectively attend the Fair
  • Updates and reminders about the Fair
  • The official list of Fair exhibitors
  • Complimentary business cards (for early registrants only)
  • A chance to win fantastic prizes

For more information about the Big Fair, please visit:


Tip for September 10th:

Prepare your resume. For feedback on how to improve your resume, book a resume appointment or attend one of our mini-resume consults happening on September 18 & 19, 2012 (12:00 to 2:00PM) along the South AQ.

All appointments are available to all current SFU students and recent alumni (up to two years after graduation) Mondays to Fridays. Call Career Services at 778-782-3106, or visit us at one of our campus locations to set up a time.


Tip for September 12th:

Plan your attire. Create a good impression by dressing neat and smart! Make yourself stand out from the crowd by putting on your business attire, formal or casual. Don't be too casual - avoid wearing torn jeans, runners or t-shirts with inappropriate messages or words.

Read through Career Fair Do’s and Don’tsRead our quick tips on how to network and approach exhibitors.


Tip for September 14th:

Prepare your Elevator Pitch. Introduce yourself by using a 30-60 second elevator pitch. Tell the employers who you are, why you are here today, what you know of the company and what you can offer. Here's a quick exercise you can try to develop your elevator pitch:

1. Research your audience. What do they want to hear? What are they looking for?

2. Write your short (15-30 sec) introduction speech. Possible content: your full name, area of study, expected graduation date, and career goals.

3. Incorporate your "hook." What can you offer? What is your unique area of contribution or competitive advantage? Why should they be interested in listening to you?

4. Invite action from your audience. What now? What do you want to do? What do you want them to do after hearing your speech?

5. Practice! Remember your speech, and keep its delivery organized, smooth, and natural. You don't want to sound like a robot!

Posted on September 06, 2012