Top Ten Ways to Wow Your Boss


Top Ten Ways to Wow Your Boss

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10. Get off to a good start

First impressions last the longest, so make a good one. Use your first few minutes at work to decide on a plan of action for the day. Check your email and voicemail for any messages that need immediate attention. Prioritize your to-do list and set a goal to strike off a specific number of items before your first break.

9. Look the part
Dress appropriately for your daily activities. Get to know your workplace dress code. When in doubt, wear clean, conservative clothing and practice good personal hygiene.

8. Learn from the best
Reflect on the personality of a colleague whose work you admire. What is it you respect most about him or her? How does your colleague balance tasks and communicate with others? Strive to achieve the same degree of excellence in yourself.

7. Make promises you can keep
When asked to tackle a new assignment, think carefully about the amount of time it will take you to do the job. While you may desire to impress your boss with how quickly you can work, it is easier to ask for additional time upfront than apologize for a half completed job. Allow yourself enough time to handle any minor crisis that may arise such as the photocopier running out of inkor a colleague calling in sick.

6. Build bridges of communication
Take the time to learn about your boss’s priorities. Whether it’s keeping a project within budget or boosting team morale, help your boss achieve his or her goals. Not only will you be seen as a team player, but you will also be remembered for contributing to your boss’s success.

5. Become the expert
Make yourself indispensable to your organization. Participate in training programs to gain knowledge and develop skills that will set you apart from your peers.

4. Fess up
Everyone makes mistakes sometimes. Speak openly about yours with your boss. Focus on the lessons you learned from the experience and propose solutions to any misunderstandings or problems your error may have caused.

3. Show initiative
Demonstrate your interest in the success of the organization by volunteering to take on new responsibilities and expanding your leadership role.

2. Say thank you
Let your boss and colleagues know you appreciate their support. Whether they’ve taken time to show you a new skill, introduce you to a senior manager or give feedback on your work, thank them for their consideration.

1. Don’t worry, be happy
Show enthusiasm for your work. Not only will the hours seem to pass by more quickly, but your positive attitude will also rub off on the people around you—including your boss.

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Posted on September 17, 2012