Employer Profile: Research In Motion

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Employer Profile: Research In Motion

By: Elsie Li | CS/SIAT Co-op Special Project Assistant
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Interview with Simon Kwok, RIM ambassador at SFU for Spring 2008

Best known as the developer of Blackberry, RIM (Research In Motion) continuously hires SFU Surrey Co-op students to join their team every semester. At RIM, students have the opportunity to design, manufacture and market innovative wireless solutions for the worldwide mobile communications market.  Are you interested in working at RIM? Read on to find out what RIM looks for in a student hire!

Q: What kinds of opportunities do you think RIM can offer Computing Science and Interactive Arts students?

A: RIM has all sorts of jobs for a wide range of disciplines. For SIAT, they have their industrial design team and the User Experience Design team. For CS, there are jobs from developing to software testing to graphics engine building. 

Q: What types of technical & non-technical skills are valued by RIM?

A: This depends on the job of course, but generally you need to be flexible, outgoing and dedicated to your work. RIM is growing at an extremely rapid rate and things are changing all the time. It is very important to be adaptable. 

Q: What’s the best way to land a job with RIM?

A: I think it is really important to demonstrate the interest you have in the position by indicating what you can add to the team. During interviews, ask questions about your daily tasks and where your role fits in terms of the corporate process. Keep in mind that RIM pays for your flight there and back from Ontario, so think about why they should hire you over someone who is located in Ontario. 

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Posted on September 27, 2011