Fall 2013 Twitter Tuesdays: OLC Career Chats


Fall 2013 Twitter Tuesdays: OLC Career Chats

By: Elizabeth Moffat
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Good news everyone, Twitter Tuesdays are back!

We had so much fun this summer that we decided to do it again for the Fall. Starting September 17th, we’ll be back online every other Tuesday at 2pm, along with Career Services and some exciting guests.

If you missed out on our Summer Series, check out the topics covered and chat recaps now.

Our Twitter chats are a great opportunity to not only connect with other career-minded SFU students, but also with SFU staff, career advisors, and other guests. Plus, you’re free to ask any questions you have related to the weekly topic, our hosts will be glad to help connect you with useful resources.

We’ve included our Fall schedule below, but check back every week for a preview of topic questions and for the reveal of special guests.

How to Join

  • Follow @SFU_Career, @SFU_OLC and @lindenforest
  • Check out the schedule below, and prepare some thoughts or questions for the topic of the week.
  • Get online at 2:00 every other Tuesday, starting on September 17th
  • Follow along with #OLCchat
  • Introduce yourself!
  • When we start tweeting out questions, share your answers, insights, and comments. Have a follow-up? Feel free to ask us anything related to that weeks topic.
  • Stayed tuned until the end of the chat (they’ll last about an hour) to submit question suggestions for the next week.
  • After each chat we’ll Storify the best content, so don’t worry if you miss something.
  • Can’t join in at 2:00? Tweet us any related questions you have, and we’ll make sure to answer them for you.

Fall Schedule

September 17: Preparing for Career Fairs

Read our Storify recap.

October 1: Research & Time Management Tips

Read our Storify recap.

October 15: Graduate and Professional School

Special Guest: Gladys We from the Graduate Studies program, tweeting from @SFU_GradStudies.

Read our Storify recap.

October 29: Workplace Wardrobe

Special Guest: Co-op Coordinator, Marcia Shimizu

Read our Storify recap.

November 12: Know Your Rights

Special Guest: Andrew Langille aka @YouthAndWork

Read our Storify recap.

November 26: Staying Professional After Hours

Special Guest: Career Advisor Jill Eddy and Communication Co-op Coordinator Sara Sethna.

Read our Storify recap.


Stay tuned for our Spring Twitter Chats!

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