First Nations Student Association at SFU Orienatation


First Nations Student Association at SFU Orienatation

By: Laura Forsythe | Indigenous Program Researcher
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This year the First Nation Student Association(FNSA) was able to participate in the Orientation Program ran this Fall at SFU. The FNSA were able to speak to over 500 students, providing fact and fantasy information, Indigenous SFU information and recruited numerous Indigenous Students to become FNSA members. A great day spent in the AQ Gardens listening to traditional music in the presence of a symbol from my home, a 14ft Tipi. The FNSA was able to collect on loan from the Office for Aboriginal Peoples a drum, Ojibwa art, Inuit artifacts, the Metis Flag and OAP's Button Blanket to display for the thousands of students that passed by.  There to answer any of the students questions was Elder Jim White accompanied by FNSA board members Clayton Gray, June Jules, Lindsay Wainwright and myself Laura Forsythe, it was wonderful to share our knowledge with the other students as well as take some in from Elder Jim. We look forward to the continued Indigenous involvement and development of this annual event.   

Those in attendance received the following information sheets: 

Posted on September 16, 2012