Helping Out on the Hill

Helping Out on the Hill

By: Amanda Chen | Volunteer Services Project Assistant
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Being a large post-secondary institution, SFU has countless activities going on at any given time. Whether it is for an event or for a club, volunteers on campus are always in high demand as they are very often the main source of support. This year’s Open House, for example, saw hundreds of students fill positions ranging from volunteer centre assistants and info kiosk volunteers to greeters and tour leaders. Other on-campus events throughout the year that require numerous volunteers include Orientation, Terry Fox Day, Clubs Days, the International Opportunities Fair, and the Volunteer Opportunities Fair, just to name a few. Beyond events, there are also many opportunities with on-campus clubs to volunteer with and external organizations that you identify with.

In a sea of over 26,000 students at SFU, it may be challenging sometimes to feel like one person can make a difference but when it comes to contributing to the community, every single volunteer counts. Whether you are talking to high school students at Open House or plastering posters around campus for a club event, you are actively participating and engaging in the community. On the personal end, volunteering on campus is a fantastic way to meet new people, learn new things and develop various skills. Dustin, an actively engaged SFU citizen couldn’t agree more, “A good friend once told me that university can be the worst four years of your life, or the best six, so take it easy, get involved…”

Once you have made the decision to volunteer on campus, the questions of how and where to start may arise. A good source for on-campus volunteering opportunities is provided by our Volunteer Services website. Posters around campus and e-mails from faculty advisors are some other common ways to find on-campus volunteering opportunities. The most important thing is to be pro-active in your engagement; that is, look for opportunities around you that you may be interested in volunteering for. If you know of a club or event that you would like to volunteer for but haven’t yet been recruited, take initiative and actively search out who to contact. It’s a part of becoming an actively engaged citizen.

In the end, the volunteers and all those who engage with the community are what make SFU what it is. An Open House volunteer put it best, “I found [volunteering on campus] to be really rewarding. It was great to see the impact that I could make at my own school. Sometimes I feel like just another face at school, but this really showed me I could make a difference at SFU.”

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Posted on October 11, 2011