Managing your Wellness Over the Holidays


Managing your Wellness Over the Holidays

By: Health Promotion Team | Health and Counselling Services
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Having trouble finding your holiday spirit? You’re not alone. One study assessing holiday stressors for young adults found that factors such as loneliness, helplessness, lack of money for gifts, anxiety, inadequacy, fatigue, and responsibility contributed to depression amongst college students over the holiday season (Peretti, 1980). Although many look forward to reconnecting with family, taking a break from work/school, and celebrating with holiday parties, many find this time of year stressful. Finishing up your work term, work-term reports, and evaluations at the same time as planning your holidays can be stressful. Overeating, over-scheduling, inactivity and poor sleep, even over-spending are just additional pitfalls that can bring us down this time of year. Regardless of the extent of your holiday blues, there are lots of support services and tips/tricks to keep your spirits high leading up to and during the winter break.

Wellness at Work in December? It's Possible!

It can be a challenge to work full-time and fit in your summary work-term report and evaluations at the end of the co-op semester. Creating a schedule to work in writing that report ahead of time can help you plan in wellness breaks to keep those stress levels in check! Those breaks may include preparing meals or grocery shopping or scheduling time for physical activity and seeing friends. Why not try combining these with a night out skating? Create a schedule to get the report finished that doesn’t include all-nighters. Ensure you’re getting the sleep you need so that you are still able to perform at work. Check out these sleep resources if you are having trouble finding balance.

Winter Break Wellness Tips

Eggnog, butter tarts, gravy OH MY! Holiday treats are everywhere at this time of year. Holiday treats can still be a part of a healthy diet- the key is moderation! Follow the 80-20 rule: eat healthy 80% of the time, and enjoy those treats 20% of the time. A healthy diet during the holiday season will help you keep your spirits high. For more info on healthy eating, check out The Dish, SFU’s Nutrition Blog.

Avoid burning the candle at both ends trying to hit up all the holiday parties. Balance your social life with the importance of sleep and taking time for yourself. Try catching up with friends by doing something active this holiday season. Ever tried snowshoeing? What about a ski or snowboard lesson? Don’t give up your active routine just because you’re on holiday- include it!

Are the financial costs of the season too much? Even though you may be making a little more money now that you are working full-time, avoid over-spending by setting a budget in advance. Talk with your loved ones ahead of time about price limits to ensure that no one feels pressured to go beyond their financial comfort level. Be creative with presents and make your own, try baking, home made crafts or do a secret Santa with friends. The holiday season is a time for reconnecting with family and friends with your time and friendship, and not your wallet! For more info on how to keep your budget balanced, check out the financial wellness resource section of the wellness wheel.

Beyond the Article

Check out the wellness wheel for more information on staying balanced and well.

All SFU students are invited to try out our new relaxation podcasts and video podcasts - Beginner Pilates or ‘Rejuvenating Work Yoga’, or our tried and true yoga and stretching videos (note: may have difficulty viewing from SFU during busy server times). With videos lasting from 8-35 minutes, there’s something for everyone, whenever and wherever you want it! Visit our site to give them a try!

Seek help if necessary- Health and Counselling Services is here to help. If you’re on campus and feeling down call Health and Counselling Services at 778-782-4615 to schedule an appointment to see a counselor.

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Posted on December 23, 2012