The Perfect Fit


The Perfect Fit

By: Iris Luong | Career Peer Educator
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We spend over 50% of lives working. Under this circumstance, it makes perfect sense to engage in a job that makes us happy; something we are passionate about. I am sure we have all encountered the question "How do I know this is the right job for me?" Just recently, I realized that it is not so much about coming up with the quickest and most convenient solution, but instead, the journey in which we discover the right job is rather worthwhile.

A good place to start searching for the ideal job entails self discovery. This first step is so simple, that often times we overlook the importance of getting to know ourselves. Try to reflect on why certain activities make you happy and pay close attention to times where you really enjoyed yourself. To find out more on self discovery, visit

The next step would be to explore your options. Going to school to receive further training is one alternative. You may even consider getting involved in the various volunteer opportunities available or join a student club on campus. Volunteering is a great way to acquire job-related skills such as teamwork, planning, communication, organizational and more! It is also an amazing place for people with similar interests to get together and work towards achieving a common goal.

On the other hand, if you are seeking expert advice, I definitely recommend you drop by Career Services and have a chat with one of the friendly advisors. Another useful method would be to set up an information interview with someone who is already in the field you want to get into. This will not only be a great opportunity to network, but you can also gather valuable information to make an informed decision about your career goals.

Lastly, make sure to exploit your creativity and think outside the box. As inhabitants of the 21st century, the sky is the limit! In the end, unconventional ideas may be all it takes to put you on the road to happiness and success.

This journey in finding the right job may not happen overnight. However, having an open mind, staying focused, and allowing your creativity to take charge are just some key ingredients to finding the perfect fit. Good luck!

Posted on March 09, 2011