Romanda Simpson: A Career Peer's Success Story


Romanda Simpson: A Career Peer's Success Story

By: Romanda Simpson
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I am in the Faculty of Arts graduating with a joint major in Anthropology & Sociology. I was a Career Peer for one year, although I wish it had been for longer!

I highly recommend using the services offered at the Career Centre! I had a good resume before I went in to see the advisor, but I left with an AMAZING resume that has gotten me positions already! I also loved being a Career Peer because I learned the tools to create an extraordinary cover letter and was also provided with excellent training in facilitation and interview skills. The skills I gained in my experience as a Career Peer will always be useful no matter what stage of my career I am in.

One of my favourite things about being a Career Peer was helping other students create from scratch or fine tune their resumes for jobs that they were excited about. Having the same student come back with a smokin’ resume and excited to apply to jobs was fantastic!

I was extensively involved in many other on-campus initiatives, such as SFPIRG and the Climate Change Action Group, Orientation and the LEAD program. All were tremendously beneficial to gaining experience that I can now bring to my future endeavours and of course look great in my applications for future desired positions!

Advice: As a recent graduate you will most likely be searching for jobs that inspire you. Make sure you research companies and understand their working atmosphere and goals. When you find a company that you would love to work for, apply for any position available that you qualify for (even if you are overqualified)…remember that it’s easier to move into different positions once you are in the company!

My future plans include working overseas in international development in the basic education, HIV/AIDS, or women’s rights sectors. I recently applied for upcoming internships with Non-Governmental Organizations that work abroad (Africa or South Asia) and my cover letter and resume were fantastic in large part to the knowledge I gained as a Career Peer Educator! I will definitely be utilizing the interview tips as the offers come rolling in!

"Career Peer Educators are trained SFU students who volunteer their time to help current SFU students and recent alumni with creating and reviewing resumes and cover letters. Each career peer Educator has undergone extensive training on how to assist you in creating a winning resume and cover letter."

Posted on December 19, 2010