Tips to land a job after graduation

Tips to land a job after graduation

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Tips to land a job after graduation

As a fresh graduate is an inevitable and undeniable challenge to join the working world. However, it is important to take the time preparing yourself for the real world so you may enter it with confidence. There are many resources to help you find and succeed in your job hunt.
Try accessing the following tools:

1. Volunteer For your Career

Volunteering is a great way to know more about your career environment. In addition, it is the best way to build up your resume. This is a great chance to show the employer your willingness to contribute to a non-profit organization. Also, it is a great way to develop important career-related skills, as well as to potentially gain contacts for your future career. When searching for volunteer opportunities, there is a wide selection of resources you can find through your public library, university alumni information centre, or through the websites of non-profit organizations.

2. SFU Career Services

SFU's Career Services provides access to thousands of jobs across the country via Symplicity. Career Services also provides a wide range of excellent career services for students and alumni of SFU either on campus and off campus job.

3. Internet Postings

There are also some job posting online, just simply type the name of the position you are looking for. Start from that and research the position's requirement, condition, benefits and so on.

In conclusion, try to use all source of job-hunting available, making sure to take advantage of internet and relationship, such as networking sites, industry-specific job sites and general job-hunting sites. In addition, family, friends and colleagues to network and build up your contact list is also plays an important role. Be confident and always have a professional-looking resume and cover letter. Also, don't expect to get a new job overnight: You need to give them some time and patience!!

Posted on July 18, 2010