Self-Directed Work Search


The Unconventional Job Hunt: Creating Your Own Co-op Opportunities

solar energy

In five years at SFU, engineering physics undergrad Scott Beaupré landed three co-op job positions and four research projects without ever dropping off a résumé. Find out how! 

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Connie's Corner: Can’t find a Co-op Job? Create Your Own!

Co-operative Education

Feeling bummed because you don’t have a Co-op job yet? Nearing the end of the term and you’re still not getting interviews or have been rejected by them? Well don’t give up! You and other Co-op students are sharing that hot seat together, and although you haven’t been placed yet, there is still a solution!

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Self-Directed Work Search Step 1: Self Discovery

Self-Directed Work Search

Pursuing your own self-directed, targeted work search with the support of the Co-op Program can help you develop life-long job search skills. In this first of a series, learn some ways to start your own Self-Directed Work Search by pursuing some self discovery activities and skills assessment.

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Self-Directed Work Search Step 2: Start Building Your Network

Professional Relationships

The second article in the “Self-Directed” series explores ways to be resourceful about your job search and begin building your professional network.

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Self-Directed Work Search Step 3: Informational Interviews


Informational interviews are a great way for you to get an inside look into the day to day functions of a career path you want to pursue and help you to focus your self-directed work search.

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