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Alumni Profile: Chris Lo on being a Career Peer Educator

Alumni Spotlight

Oftentimes, students see volunteering and the classroom as two separate things. However, with the right planning, volunteer work can in fact enhance what you learn at university. Take Chris Lo, an SFU alumnus, as an example of someone whose volunteer experiences have been a great addition to his education.

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Don't Judge A Job By Its Cover

Student Spotlight

I was hesitant to accept a co-op position because I thought that the skills I would obtain would not at all be relevant to my career path. As it turns out, I learned that trying out things that do not appeal to you 100% at the beginning is often a risk worth taking. Here's my story.

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Diary of a Marketing Co-op: Why is Everything Late?!?

Diary of a Marketing Co-op

In the next entry from our marketing co-op she contimplates her love of deadlines and fast paced changes, then how it all went out the window. Join her as she re examines the fluid nature of deadlines.

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Backpack to Briefcase 2012: Storified

Career Exploration

Did you miss this year's Backpack to Briefcase Conference? Don't worry! We were there, we were live-tweeting, and we've got an event summary to bring you up to speed on what you missed at one of our favourite annual signature events!

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Working with Grace: Professional Attire Edition

Professional Attire

T-shirt? Jeans? Flip-flops? Sneakers? Confused about what you should wear for your job interview, work or to a networking event? No fear! Read on “What Not to Wear: Professional Attire Edition” to find out how to dress to impress and for success…

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Top Ten: Tips For a Successful Transition

Life Experience

If you've recently graduated, or are about to, the prospect of transitioning from the comfort and predictability of a student lifestyle to the dynamic unpredictability of the world of work can seem daunting.

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Olympic Sized Persistence Pays Off

Indigenous Career Stories

If there’s someone who knows about the terrifying journey that is the work search, it is Marissa Nahanee. She worked on many world class events, including the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Torch relay and visits by Princes Charles and Edward. But Marissa’s job did not just happen to her - she had to work for it.

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Alumni Spotlight: Chris Lo

Human Resources

Chris Lo, a Business Co-op alumnus, was able to  leverage his Co-op and volunteer experience in order to gain a competitive edge  after graduation. Read on to learn how he effectively used his time at SFU as a  stepping stone to his current position with the City of Burnaby.

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Samantha Garcia: A Co-op Student's Success Story

Alumni Spotlight

Samantha Garcia graduated this past June with a Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology, with a Co-op designation for her four Co-op work terms. Read all about her experiences here!

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Jesse Faltus: A Co-op Student's Success Story

co-op student

Meet Jesse Faltus, a Computing Science student convocating this June. He has successfully completed three co-op work terms, and had a blast doing so! Read all about his experiences and why he recommends joining the co-op program.

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