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Learn all about the TEDxChange 2013 conference that is delving into the ideology of "positive disruptions." Read on to find out more on TedxChange!

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Engaged Student of the Week: Shantelle Medel

Engagement Peers

Learn all about the engaged student of the week; Shantelle! Find out how she engages with SFU and the community by reading on.

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Volunteer for Sakura Day Japan Fair


Learn about the upcoming Sakura Days Japan Fair happening April 6 & 7, 2013! Find out how you can volunteer or find the benefits of getting involved.

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Getting “ENGAGED” With Your Breadth Courses


Lauren helps ease you of any fears surrounding breadth courses! Read on to find out how taking classes outside your major can help get you more engaged.

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Engage Me SFU Blog- Student of the Week


The Engagement Peers have started their new segment; Student of the Week! They will profile various engaged students at SFU to show how easy it is to get involved. This week, learn about Hafsa and how she is getting engaged!

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Effective Web for Engaged Organizations: A Case Study of


Whether you are passionate about defending human rights, or are in the process of designing a website to promote your own community engagement or philanthropic organization, Lauren highly recommends visiting the website of Amnesty International Canada!

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Event Summaries

Learn about MedConnect, a campus-wide conference to help you learn about various health, science, and medical topics from professionals in our community. Selva talks about why this is of interest to SFU students and how you can sign up!

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It can pay to Volunteer! A Look at Working in the Not-for-Profit Sector Panel


Interested in working in the not-for-profit sector? Alex tells you why you should be and how you can find out more! Check out her article to find out more about Working in the Not-For-Profit Sector Panel.

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Volunteer Profile: That’s Just Me


A great volunteer profile has been added to the ENGAGE Blog. Biljana Tepic shares her story volunteering for That's Just Me. Read on to hear about a personal volunteer experience for a great program!

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SFU Partners with The Next 36

Professional Associations and Clubs

SFU has partnered with The Next 36 to provide mentorship, venture capital and educational opportunities to a select group of 36 entrepreneurial minded  students and recent grads across Canada. Find out more about the program and SFU's February 7th announcement.

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