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15 Amazing Perks of Being an SFU Student

Personal Development

Not many people know about all the perks of being an SFU student, such as huge discounts, free access to normally paid services, and cheaper subscriptions to popular products. Here is a list of everything you can take advantage of as an SFU student!


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Looking for Real Opportunities at the West Coast Virtual Fair

careers related to my major

Come along with Julia as she prepares for the SFU West Coast Virtual Fair. She is generating questions, confronting her fears, and (hopefully!) finding new possibilities for careers she feels passionate about. The first of a two-part series.

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Highlights from the “Preparing for a Government of Canada Interview” Webinar

Event Summaries

How do you prepare for an interview at the Government of Canada? Haebin summarizes for you the key points from a webinar hosted by Angela Foraaunet, a Human Resources Advisor in the Public Service Commission of Canada. Read on to learn more about Ms. Forraunet’s golden advice on acing the interviews and aiming for success. 

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