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Part 1: The Proverbial Foot in the Door


Feeling stuck on the outside of the job market looking in? Need experience for a job but a job for experience? Read how one Master of Resource Management candidate made his way out of “the trap”.

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Why Volunteer in the Community at Large?


Laura looks into the top 10 reasons for Volunteering and explores why she chose to volunteer with the Vancouver Aquarium's Marine Mammal Rescue Center. Read more about what she discovered... 

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Volunteering for Green Organizations

green organizations

Green careers are in demand! Volunteer work is a good way to get your feet wet in the green sector. We offer some ideas on how you can get valuable experience in this exciting and valuable sector.

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Suzanne Young: A Co-op Student's Success Story

Vancouver Aquarium

For Suzanne Young, SFUs Co-op program was an immense part of her undergraduate experience. As a graduate in Linguistics and French, she reflects back on her experiences as a Co-op student.

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The Vancouver Aquarium: More than just a place to visit

Company/Organization Spotlight

I visited the Volunteer & Civic Opportunity Fair at SFU Burnaby campus last month to find out about different volunteer opportunities in and around the university. One of the guests at this year’s Volunteer and Civic Engagement Week was the beloved Vancouver Aquarium. Many people see the Aquarium as just a place to visit but there is another great way to get involved with the Aquarium…volunteering!

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What’s YOUR cause: Marine Mammal Rehabilitation

Vancouver Aquarium

Kelsey Fonda has always had a love for the water. That’s what happens when you grow up with a tug boat captain for a father. “I am probably on a boat once a week at least” she says. “Growing up a lot of times he’d be working on something and I’d be stuck sitting there on the dock. I guess those times of contemplation by the water kind of make you think and it stuck with me.”

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