5 Important Lessons I Learned From My First Co-op

Co-operative Education

Nervous about your first co-op job? Don’t be! These five tips will help prepare you for success and boost your confidence levels in no time. Keep calm & read on!

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Type of Experience: 
Co-op Work Term
Organization Information
Kintec: Footwear + Orthotics
Organization Profile: 
Kintec is a successful locally owned orthotics company. Everyday, Kintec Footlabs delivers an experience to our customers that will change the way they think about their feet. Kintec is much more than a successful provider of orthotics; we are a proactive company that provides an educational experience to our customers. Kintec carries a large selection of sports medicine products and footwear to help every customer that walks in the door. Currently, Kintec Footlabs has 10 stores located in lower mainland. At Kintec Footlabs, we are committed to creating effective treatment programs for our patients. Our company believes in training, a great culture, customer service, and strong values.
Lower Mainland
Experience Details
Position Title: 
Pedorthic Assistant
Responsibilites / Tasks: 
My responsibilities included giving great customer service, expert fitting of footwear and braces, knowledge of the products, giving informal gait analysis, educating customers, and giving advice on foot and lower leg pain. Also, details involving the running of the retail side of the store like running the till, daily paperwork, 3rd party billing, cleaning, stocking, etc.
Projects / Initiatives: 
Throughout these last eight months, I've had many customers I would see regularly to help them with their issues. For some, I even took detailed case study notes to keep track of their progress. On a daily basis, I have clients who come into the store with pain, and I guide them through the entire process of a gait analysis, taking a history, giving an informal diagnosis, planning out treatment options, and advising on some of the products in-store which would help them.
What did you learn: 
I learned a great deal involving the anatomy and pathology of the foot and foot mechanics. Also, I was educated in the treatment of specific issues including the prescription of custom orthotics. I greatly improved upon my customer service skills as well.
Tips / Advice: 
I would recommend anyone to work here who is interested in a position which includes a mix between retail/customer service and professional clinical duties. This was a fantastic learning experience.
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