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For my first and second coop work terms, I was fortunate to secure an 8-month position with PBR Laboratories, located in Edmonton, AB, as a Laboratory Assistant.


Science Panel: There is no plan?

Neova Technologies

For three SFU Science Alumni, the road to success was a windy one. While each of them experienced roadblock and detours, none foresaw the opportunities and open doors that awaited them post graduation.

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Science and Environment Supervisor Recognition Award Winner: Dr. Paul Rennie!

SFU Staff

As an outstanding leader, mentor and Co-op supervisor, Dr. Paul Rennie, Director of Research at the Prostate Centre at VGH, is the deserving recipient of the Science & Environment Co-op Supervisor Recognition Award.

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Kaili Rand: A Co-op Student's Success Story


Upon graduation in June 2008, Kaili Rand had achieved the highest cumulative GPA in her faculty, maintained a balance between her schoolwork and volunteering, and has been accepted into medical school. Did I also mention she’s a Co-op student?

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