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The Art of Saying THANK YOU

CSI Blog

Saying thank you is simply the manifestation of showing your appreciation, politeness and your overall good manners. Were you aware that it’s strongly recommended to write thank you notes after interviews?

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Time for FUN

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Summer is almost over. Before going back to school in September, why don’t we take the time to relax and have some fun?

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Intentionality: It's Not A Secret

Dave's Diary

What do we mean by the word "intentionality"? David examines some helpful - and unhelpful - ways the word has become popular, and how the right intentions can be useful in your career and life.

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Twitter Tuesdays #OLCChat: What can I do with my degree?

Work Search

August 13th's chat posed the ever so common question "What can I do with my degree?" The Storify recap is here!

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Twitter Tuesdays #OLCChat: Interview Preparation and Performance

Twitter Tuesdays

July 30th marked our third of five Twitter chats and was all about interview preparation and performance. Jill Eddy, this week's guest host, joined the SFU OLC and Career Services for an informative discussion. Read the Storify recap here!

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Strike a Balance

Life Experience

If you are the beginner of yoga, you may find some balancing postures really challenging, such as the tree pose. As for throwing pottery, if your clay is not centered on the wheel when you begin to pull up the piece, it will be off balance.  

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BEST of the BEST

Career Services

In honour of BC Day, let’s take a look at the best BC organizations, employers, and individuals to find out your Best of the Best!

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Your Work Energy Booster

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Energy drinks, energy bars… what else? Of course you don’t have to take these to boost your productivity. In this article, I am going to offer you some tips for enhancing your performance at work.

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Can Pinterest Boost Your Career?

Professional Development

Is social media a useful tool for job search? Have you ever thought of using Pinterest for this purpose? What is Pinterest? How can those “pins” help you advance your career while hunting for jobs?

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Work, Life, Balance: Juggling It All!


Have you ever sat and thought about what elements in your life can maintain your sense of sanity or better yet, serenity? Tina provides three tips to help you maintain balance when things get hectic!

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