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Networking: Why it's Essential to Getting Noticed


What is the fastest way to getting noticed by a company you wish to work for? Use and expand your network.


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Use Social Media to Land Your Dream Job


In today's competitive market, job searching has become more and more difficult. Read on to find out how you can use social media to connect with recruiters and companies to find your dream job.

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Opportunities for Entrepreneurs in Canada


Canada is definitely one of the best countries for hockey and snowboarding, but did you know Canada is also a land of opportunities for entrepreneurs.

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The Secret to Landing the Job: Post-Interview Thank-You Letters

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When you are looking for a job, sometimes a cover letter, resume, and interview are not enough.  Sending a thank you letter to your interviewer might just make or break your chances of getting the position.

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Goodbye Hard-copy and Hello to Electronic Résumés


There are sufficient amount of tips regarding resume writing, but then came along electronic résumés.  Now we have to worry about both methods? Don't panic; here are some shortcuts to e-improve your resume.

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The Evolution of the Cover Letter

Cover Letters

The cover letter has changed dramatically.  There is no longer one style of cover letter, today there are three different types.  Read on about each distinctive type and learn how to choose the most suitable style to stand apart from the competition.

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Where is Harassment and Discrimination? Right Under Your Nose, Perhaps.

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School, work, home. That’s considered the typical routine of a young adult – they go to school for higher education, work to stay in school, and relax at home.  If only life were as simple as that. Drama in the form of harassment and discrimination is a reality for many people including students.  Can you recognize harassment and discrimination?

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Creating an e-portfolio: What Not to Do

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It could be the difference between getting the job and getting overlooked – so before sending your e-portfolio off to an employer check through this list to make sure you know ‘what not to do’ when creating an e-portfolio.

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Self-Directed Work Search Step 1: Self Discovery


Pursuing your own self-directed, targeted work search with the support of the Co-op Program can help you develop life-long job search skills. In this first of a series, learn some ways to start your own Self-Directed Work Search by pursuing some self discovery activities and skills assessment.

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Self-Directed Work Search Step 2: Start Building Your Network

Self-Directed Work Search

The second article in the “Self-Directed” series explores ways to be resourceful about your job search and begin building your professional network.

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