10 Tips on Answering Interview Questions Effectively

interview questions

Interviews are challenging yet predictable. You know that you will be asked a series of questions so that the employer can get to know you better and determine if you are a good fit for their position. We put together 10 tips to answer these questions effectively.

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Peer Corner - What would you like in YOUR network?

We are very excited to have an online community space for Career Peers.  Help create your community today.

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Top Tips for New Career Peers

As we are heading towards the end of the semester it is a great time to consider how to share your knowledge with the new peers who will be joining Career Services in the Fall. What top tip do you have for a NEW Career Peer?

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New blog, new banners & a new blogger!

OLC Blog

The OLC team have been working on some new changes to the site.  Can you spot them all? We have revised banners and layouts, welcomed new bloggers and have a guest blog for Sustainability Opportunities Week.

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No, I am NOT Mr. Beck


psssst, over here. Want to know something that will immediately put you in the NO pile when you apply for a position?  I'll tell you.


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Why I HATE Interviews!


Hate interviews?  Find them challenging, time consuming and nerve wracking?  We do too! Some WIL staff members share their interview frustrations and invite you to share yours! Maybe we can then all get a little bit better at them.

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Career Peer Activities on the OLC

5 possible Career Peer Activities on the OLC!

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Hi everyone,
We look forward to your contributions to the OLC. Our editorial team will add article ideas from time to time and we welcome your ideas.

Co-operative Education


LEAD - A Certificate in Innovative Leadership


Leadership is an increasingly popular term in our everyday lives.  We hear it used by employers in the job search process, by the media in descriptions of well known politicians or athletes, and by universities and colleges in their recruitment materials.  But what does it mean, exactly?

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