Resumes, Cover letters, Interviews and Volunteering: Remaining Professional for Unpaid Experiences


Kerri shows you where to find SFU's resources for building your resume, coverletter, and interview skills. Read on to find out how to use this to get volunteer positions.

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Networking: The “Secret” Way to Obtain a Position


Kerri shares the secret to finding hidden volunteer opportunities! She also gives tips on how to get over your fear of networking. Read more to find out!

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Why Volunteer?: The Numerous Rewards Associated with Volunteering

Career Exploration

Read Kerri's personal story about how she ended up with a job because of her volunteer experience! Also read her tips on how volunteering can further YOUR Career!

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Social Networking: It Could Make YOU More Engaged!


Kerri tells you at to keep up with new trends of posting volunteer opportunities. She give you a few great social media tools to use when seeking opportunitites, and accounts to check out. 

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Be Inspired: Volunteer for We Day Vancouver

Event Summaries

Learn about the awesome event, We Day! Kerri talks about her experience volunteering, its bonuses and why you should do it. Read on to find out how this one event can leave you inspired to change the world!

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Volunteering for the City of Surrey


Learn about how you can get involved in the Surrey community. Give back between classes or on the weekends! Kerri has provided a few great resources for those seeking opportunities in Surrey.

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Getting Started with Involvement: A Guide to Finding Volunteer Opportunities Through SFU


Kerri gives you the low-down on how to get started volunteering! Hear all about the places she recommends to start your search and follow her step-by-step guide! Read on to discover how you can find all the perfect volunteer opportunities waiting for you!

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The Wonder of One-Day Volunteer Opportunities:


Kerri talks all about how you can get involved even if you don't have a lot of time! She highlights the benefits and even ways that you can find opportunities. Read on to find out more.

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Leading Children with Scouts Canada: A Volunteer Experience on Burnaby Mountain


Kerri give the scoop on volunteering with Scouts Canada, more specifically Scoutsabout! Read on to find out why this was a meaningful experience for her and how you can get involved in a similar program!

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Volunteering for United Way Canada and the United Way Book Sale at SFU

Event Summaries

Kerri provides you with some fast facts about the United Way! Also included are ways to get involved and events to support this awesome organization. Don't miss her coverage of the United Way Smackdown Faculty Debate!

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