Profile: IABC’s Student Communicator of the Year Award

New Communiator

The Student Communicator of the Year Award or, SCOY, is a prestigious award given out by the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) exclusively to their student members to recognize excellence in communication. 

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Volunteer Opportunities for Industry Experience

Professional Development

Want to get meaningful, industry experience? Alex has tips on how you can achieve this through volunteering! Read on to get the scoop on finding the right volunteer position for your interests.

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Gain a Great Experience and Great Skills. Become an Orientation Leader!

Personal Development

Alex has the scoop on why you should become an orientation leader! Read on to find out how she gained transferable professional skills while having a blast.

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Taking a Closer Look at Volunteering with Sustainability in Mind

Sustainability Opportunities Week

With Sustainability Opportunities Week happening, I found myself asking what “sustainability” really means. Typically I associate sustainability with the environment. You know, recycle, reduce, reuse? But as I was looking at volunteer organizations that are considered sustainable, I realized that...

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Teaching Opportunities: Not just for PDP Students

Event Summaries

Get a quick look at the Teaching Opportunities Fair and how it could be beneficial for everyone. Alex discusses the changes from last year and how this event has expanded to provide opportunities to more students than ever!

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Volunteering in the Aboriginal Community

Student Engagement

Have you ever been curious about volunteering in the Aboriginal Community or with Aboriginal Youths? If you have, you may have found it difficult to find these types of opportunities. In this blog post, I hope to give you a few resources to help ease the difficulty of finding such a specific opportunity.

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How To: Find Those Research Opportunities You’ve Always Been Looking For!


Research opportunities are great experiences to further your career. The only problem is that they can be hard to find. Ladies and gentlemen, fear not!

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5 Reasons why volunteering is splendid and how it can reverse the signs of aging.


Find out the 5 reasons Alex has for why volunteering is splendid! Figure out ways to get great experience and skills for your resume that won't cost you a dime. Also discover how volunteering can reverse the signs of aging...

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The BIG Fair is a BIG Opportunity


The month of September always brings about tons of fairs. Yearly favourites always pop up, including the Week of Welcome, Clubs days, Academic Options days and, of course, the BIG Fair!

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