Life After Graduation: Part Two

Work Search

"Let's job hunt together," wrote Justin one day in an email from Venezuela. I thought, "Yeah - we should definitely do that." It was the line that inspired Career Friends - our job hunting group of four.  

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Will your resume catch the attention of an employer? Marcia Shimizu, a SFU Co-op Coordinator reviews three key points to consider when creating your résumé.

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Chinese Mummies and Elves: How I Brought the Holidays Home.


Carlie's homesickness inspires her to bring in some good ol' Canadian Holidays during her work term in China.  Come join her group of scary ghosts and sparkling angels to help her feel more at home.

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Re-entry Culture Shock: The Sojourner’s Homecoming

SFU International

Trying to decide if going on an International Co-op Placement is right for you?  Follow these words of advice so you can make a well informed decision.

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Considering International Co-op? Some Helpful Tips to get You Started.

International Co-op

Trying to decide if going on an International Co-op Placement is right for you?  Follow these words of advice so you can make a well informed decision.

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Work Safe, Work Healthy

Life Balance

Workplace safety is a critical topic for new workers. This article contains useful information on Occupational Health and Safety regulations in BC, and important tips on how to stay safe and healthy in an office environment.

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Ly's International Co-op Story

International Co-op

Ly Viet Vu recently completed his undergraduate degree in the field of Computing Science.  Ly shares how his term with Co-op Japan altered his career path, providing him with the confidence to relocate to Viet Nam and establish his own business.

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Where is Harassment and Discrimination? Right Under Your Nose, Perhaps.

Career Services

School, work, home. That’s considered the typical routine of a young adult – they go to school for higher education, work to stay in school, and relax at home.  If only life were as simple as that. Drama in the form of harassment and discrimination is a reality for many people including students.  Can you recognize harassment and discrimination?

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Postcards From Botswana 9 - Exploring South Africa


SFU Kinesiology student Kayla Donnawell is in Botswana, Africa volunteering with the Students Without Borders program (SWB).  In this final article, the winds guide Kayla to South Africa where she explores Capetown and Durban before heading home.

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Challenges and Benefits of an Out-of-town Co-op

Co-op Reflections

Adam Keizer, an Environmental Science major, was one of the nominees for the 2006 SFU Co-op Student of the year.  In the following article, Adam provides a personal account of his experience on a Co-op term in the rocky tundra of the far north, housed in a camp with only thirty other people.

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Goodbye Hard-copy and Hello to Electronic Résumés

Career Services

There are sufficient amount of tips regarding resume writing, but then came along electronic résumés.  Now we have to worry about both methods? Don't panic; here are some shortcuts to e-improve your resume.

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Volunteering Internationally: A How-to Guide


As midterms wind down and projects and final papers ramp up, you have probably been daydreaming about life outside of school. While for some that may just involve an uninterrupted evening of TV, without the accompanying guilt for procrastinating, for others it paints a more adventurous picture. More and more, people from all over the world are taking up “voluntourism”

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