Using Social Media to Ace Your Interviews


You’re going to use social media anyway, so you might as well use it with your job search. If you’re wondering how, we have some answers!

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Creating an Effective LinkedIn Profile

online networking

LinkedIn is a social networking site. Unlike Facebook, however, LinkedIn is primarily for professionals. It is a great tool to help connect you with professionals, but it’s also great for your job search. In this first part of two series about LinkedIn, we tackle the task of creating an effective LinkedIn profile.

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Using Social Media to Build Your Online Reputation


Trying to get that dream job? More and more employers are now using search engines such as Google to find out more about potential employees. If you’re not sure if social media is enhancing your online presence, there are some things you can do.

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Online Distractions at the Workplace

Life Balance

Online distraction during the workday is now a fact of life. However, checking personal emails, Facebook/ Twitter accounts, and message boards during work hours may have some negative impact on your productivity.

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Using Google+ for Your Job Search

Google Plus

Google+ is the latest and largest  social media platform trying to compete with Facebook and Twitter. So is learning the ropes of another platform worth the effort?

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“The Clean Bin Project” Shows It’s Possible to Live With Minimum Waste


“The Clean Bin Project” is a locally-produced documentary that examines what it’s like to live in our modern world with minimum waste. The link between consumerism and environmental issues is something that we all probably intuitively understand; Project explores this issue by showing the struggles of two ordinary Vancouver residents in their quest to not produce waste.

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The Basics of Facebook Privacy


You open your Facebook account and there it is – your boss wants to add you as a friend! You can’t really ignore her request (she’ll ask you about it the next day), so you go ahead and add her. What’s next? Do you now stop being yourself and stop making jokes about Justin Beiber? Do you stop professing your love for random things?

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Can Blogging Help You Land a Job?


Some job seekers looking for possible ways to edge out competition are using weblogs (or blogs) to create and maintain a positive online presence. Blogging might help you land a job – but before you open a blog, we offer some information about blogging and a few tips on what you can do if blogging intimidates you.

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