Communication Tools

An application for a Work-Study opportunity may differ slightly from a traditional job competition, and you want to showcase the best of 'who you are' and 'what you have to offer' through your communication tools. 

In most cases, email is your first point of contact with a potential supervisor especially since email is arguably the most effective mode of communication at SFU. This email is critical as it will most likely determine whether or not you will receive an interview. Therefore, take time to review the topics in this section including: The Professional Email, the Resume, and Cover Letter, as these are your key marketing tools Performing well in the Interview is important, whether the interview is casual or more formal. All of these topics are covered in this following section.

After reviewing the four sections, you will:

  • understand the professional email, cover letter, resume and interview skills as communication tools
  • know the standards for resume and cover letter content, format and professional presentation
  • understand the basics of interview preparation and interview skills