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Write for the OLC!


Writing for SFU OLC is a great opportunity for you to share your stories, experiences and advice with our audience of readers. Whether you are volunteering for an international organization, getting ready to apply for your first or last Co-op work term, looking for professional development opportunities, or if you are already a seasoned industry insider, your contributions belong on Our Learning Community! We welcome submissions from SFU students, staff, alumni and employers. Publishing on the OLC is a great way to build your portfolio and contribute to your online presence.  Our mission is to support students and alumni with networking, learning and information sharing related to personal, academic and professional development.



The OLC covers virtually every aspect of a student's university life and the first few years after convocation, including academic, career, volunteer and work-related topics. This means that there is significant flexibility in terms of what you can write about. Browse through our Topics page which represents our current key themes. Our top content on the OLC?  Our readers LOVE compelling stories that are deeply reflective on a topic you are passionate about - your International exchange to India, a challenge you encountered at your first work experience, an interview disaster or how you changed your major mid-stream. Oh, they also LOVE Top Tip lists, posts that include multimedia and shared experiences that they can relate to.



This is a quick checklist of items for a blog submission. 

  •   Aim for a post of 500 - 900 words.  However a great story may need more (1,000!) and can even be published as a series [sample]
  •   Writing should be focused, informative, with a good balance of casual and professional
  •   Create an informative and compelling teaser (2-3 sentences) that will compell a reader to click on your story [samples]
  •   Open with an engaging paragraph that invites readers to keep reading
  •   Create complete and concise paragraphs.  Subheading are a great way to separate content and highlight sections. Numbered or bulleted lists can concisely organize content
  •   Lead images in landscape format 600x280 [sample]. We like images of SFU's people, faces and spaces.  We can assist in taking a picture and/or select a stock image where required.  Images should be high resolution, taken by you or properly credited and permission gained for anyone else included in the image.  
  •   Include multimedia - in addition to the lead image, you can add additional images, videos, gifs, audio or documents that compliment your posting.  Add captions where appropriate. [sample]
  •   Proofread your posting
  •   Use accessible writing and language that a non-expert in the field can understand or someone who may not speak English as their first language 
  •   Embed hyperlinks to relevant articles, websites, employers, programs, research studies, statistics, etc.  
  •   When including a statistic or a research study, cite sources using the SFU Library Citation & Style Guides
  •   About the Author - share more on yourself by adding your personal bio to be published at the end of the posting.  Bios include an image (portrait 90x90), 2-4 sentences, including links to any social channels, professional websites, blogs, and/or online portfolios that you would like viewers to follow and connect with you [sample]
  •   Consider privacy in your posting - your own and anyone else that you may be writing about. Obtain consent to publish images from workplace, of co-workers or children
  •   Once published, share your posting on your social channels (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc)


Notify our editor that you will be sending a submission by completing our ONLINE SUBMISSION FORM or via email at  If you are making a submission for a co-op work term report follow these instructions.

Forward your complete submission or editorial inquiries to our editor at  A complete submission includes:

  1. Blog posting, working title, teaser, optional author bio in Word format
  1. Images to accompany your story in high resolution jpeg or png format. Select images for the following formats: LEAD IMAGE BANNER (landscape, 600x280px), author image (90x90), + supplimental images.  Images can be resized by the editor

While we endeavor to review and publish all relevant items shared with us, not all submissions sent to the OLC will be approved for publication. The editor will communicate with you on edits and suggestions.

Once your article has been published on the OLC you will be notified by the editor.