The Magic of Chemistry

Time: 1:00 PM & 3:00 PM

The Magic of Chemistry" show featuring  explosively entertaining demonstrations of the wonders of chemical reactions. We will feature the ever popular liquid nitrogen ice cream. Chemistry will offer mini tours of the newly renovated Chemistry wing and guests will be involved with some hands on activities in the general chemistry undergraduate lab.

Fabulous Feats of Physics

Time: 12:00 PM & 2:00 PM

Do you know how much energy it takes to power up a light bulb? Want to know how to make things float in the air? How can we make light travel in a curved path? Come to Fabulous Feats of Physics and find the answers to these questions, and more, while having fun. This presentation features a series of eye-opening demos, shows, presentations and lab tours. Regardless of how much you know about physics, you will find it interesting and enjoyable.

Physics Lab Tour

Times: 1:00 PM & 3:00 PM

Mathematics - How to Cut a Cake!

Time: 12:30 PM & 2:30 PM

Cutting a cake seems pretty simple but how do you cut a cake fairly? Cake will be served on a first-come, first-served basis.

Celebrate the Stargazing Vision for the Teaching Observatory

Time: 11:30 AM

Join Prof. Howard Trottier, the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada (Vancouver), and families of "Starry Nights @SFU" in celebration as the vision for a teaching observatory is unveiled. Meet at the South side of Strand Hall, adjacent to the cherry tree orchard.

Solar System Spurt

Time: 12:30 PM - 3:30 PM (Every 15 minutes)

Take a voyage to the edge of the solar system by crossing a part of SFU's beautiful Burnaby campus. In this scale model the Earth is the size of a pinhead, and Pluto is one kilometre from the Sun. Collect souvenirs of your expedition as you spurt past each planet and voyages will be guided by experienced space captains, and will run rain or shine. Departures are from inside the Academic Quadrangle, at the south-east corner of the concourses, where there will also be craft tables with other fun hands-on educational activities, all about our solar system.

IRMACS 3D Interactive Displays

Time: 11:30 AM

IRMACS will be displaying a selection of 3D scientific content created by researchers at SFU and IRMACS, including 3D molecular modeling, cell biology, medical imaging, geophysics visualizations and a sampling of live-action and animated stereoscopic videos. Experience Interactive, 3D Visualization using both the IRMACS large screen (8m wide) 3D stereoscopic theatre as well as using WestGrid's 3D Immersive IQ Station Display. Learn about 3D visualizations and how it can be used to aid researchers in the exploration and understanding of complex scientific concepts.

IRMACS - 3D Theatre Demonstrations

Time: 11:45 AM, 12:15 PM & 12:45 PM (Duration: 15 minutes)


I Dig Archaeology

Time: 11:30 AM - 4:00 PM

We’re taking our fieldwork in Africa, Pacific Rim, and South America to SFU Open House on May 26th.  Archeology is showcasing different areas including historical archaeology, evolution and bioanthropology, forensics, ancient DNA, paleoethnobotany and cultural resource management.  Participants will learn the proper techniques to excavate archaeological artifacts using a trowel and archaeological tools to safely uncover artifacts. Experience a series of interactive activities to track skull casts to their ancestors, look at microscopic plant remains and scan artifacts with a 3D scanner to recreate digital replicas.

Contemporary Arts

Time: 11:30 PM - 4:00 PM

Twirl into Contemporary Arts’ highlight performances including Deux Ex Machina, Gamelan, Dance Contact Improv and Theater Performances. “Deux Ex Machina” – Music by Machines for Humans and Robots will move you into the computer’s deepest feeling with their three tracks: Silicon Love Songs, Digital Arias, and Microchip Mambas. The performance features professional musicians from Vancouver and the NotomotoN, an 18 armed percussion-playing robotic performer.  Other performances include “Sankofa”, a moment with the Fotumfrom Drums of Ghana where you enter a world of music with 6 foot high 200 pound drums.

Full Contemporary Arts Schedule

11:40 African drumming presentation Janelle Reid, Manuela Sosa
12:00 Theatre -- The Atre - Kaylin Metchie & Milton Lim
12:20 Gamelan Performance - Setya Hartana Sutrisno
12:50 Dance -- Active Divergence- Marisa Gold, Robert Azevedo, Antonio Somera

1:10 African drumming presentation Janelle Reid Manuela Sosa
1:30 Theatre -- The Atre - Kaylin Metchie & Milton Lim
1:50    Gamelan Performance - Setya Hartana Sutrisno & Students
2:20 Dance -- Active Divergence - Marisa Gold, Robert Azevedo, Antonio Somera

2:45-3:40 pm Deux Ex Machina: Music by Machines, for Humans and Robots - Arne Eigenfeldt

Starcraft II and Cognitive Sciences

Times: 1:00 PM & 2:00PM

An interactive presentation by Dr. Mark Blair, a professor in SFU’s Cognitive Science program, discusses his groundbreaking research on complex skill learning. His research focuses on the video game StarCraft II, which is played around the world for large prizes by full-time professionals. Before and after the presentation, guests can try StarCraft II and see how you stack up against the professionals.

Cognitive Sciences: Building immersive story worlds in video games

Times: 1:30 PM & 2:30 PM

Professor Steve DiPaola takes you through his team's ongoing research with Electronic Arts. Find out how sports video games like EA's NHL 12 gets users emotionally immersed into the game, with DiPaolo's team who interviewed creative experts from CBC Hockey Night in Canada. Learn about artificial intelligence and how games are created. Get a chance to try EA's NHL 12 and speak with Steve and his researchers.

Health Sciences

Faculty of Health Sciences Students Tackling Global Health – Semester of Experiential Learning in Kolkata, India

Time: 12:00 PM

Participants: Dr. Rochelle Tucker, FHS Assistant Professor, and FHS students Christine Lukac, and Lindsay Belvedere

Learn about the experience of four FHS students in India working at Destiny Reflection, a Kolkata-based charity working to end sex trafficking and slavery through economic empowerment of women.

Solve a Crime “CSI–style”

Time: 12:30 PM & 2:00 PM

Participants: Dr. Zabrina Brumme, FHS Assistant Professor and her students

Put on your lab coat and gloves to uncover the mysteries through forensic lab sciences activities with Professor Zabrina Brumme. Learn about the unique sequence of DNA and how they can be used to identify suspects and to solve crimes.

“Careers and Opportunities in Health Sciences” – Diverse Perspectives from the Field

Time: 1:00 PM

Participants: Victoria Lee, MD MPH MBA CCFP FRCPC, Medical Health Officer, Fraser Health Authority, Dr. Malcolm Steinberg, Clinical Assistant Professor and research students.

So what do I do with a degree in Health Sciences? Answers, ideas, perspectives, direction.