With more than 100 interactive exhibits, intriguing presentations and engaging performances, guests will have plenty of amazing opportunities to learn why SFU is the most community-engaged research university in Canada.

SFU Archives: Create – Preserve – Remember

Journey into SFU history through motion pictures! Learn about film preservation from professional archivists and draw on 16mm film and view your work. Explore SFU's past and your own campus memories through a selection of archival films specially digitized for Open House 2012.

"Beedie Market"

Enter the "Beedie Market" and guests will learn about the different areas of study offered at SFU's Beedie School of Business through a series of games.  Receive "Beedie Dollars", and earn more,  to spend on activities in our Beedie Shops -- including finding great investments through our Finance shop or hiring an employee from our Human Resources shop.

3D Soma Cube

Assemble our giant 3D Soma cube display to test your problem-solving skills. You’ll be amazed at the Lego and hockey robots, medical imaging technology or even mind-controlled exoskeletons that you can try out. Learn about power-aware android apps and machines that learn from language. Imagine the future, invent the technology and inspire the world with computing and engineering science.

School of Interactive Arts and Technology


Emily Ip

Emily is attracting international attention with enVella, a dress that changes shape to envelop and protect the wearer in response to changes in heart rate and body temperature.

Head Over Heels   

Nasim Jahangiri, Pantea Shahsavani

This research project revolves around the notion of high heels and their effect on women's shoes and a design for an interactive heel that could change the way women think and feel about stilettos. The Head-over-heels shoe idea could let women enjoy both the beauty of a five-inch heel and the practicality of a lower heel for driving or walking — all without carrying two pairs of shoes. The pumps contain a pressure sensor in the heel that can be programmed to trigger a buzzer after a few hours, alerting the wearer that it’s time to lower the heel height.


Kevin Hustler, Jenny Shen, Gavin Stinson, Tia Rambaran, Chris Lu

Hootlin is a video game developed in IAT 410 by Kevin Hustler, Jenny Shen, Gavin Stinson, Tia Rambaran and Chris Lu. It's a 2D physics platformer inspired by games like Limbo, Little Big Planet and Bloom. The game reacts to the player's choices and actions to unlock and generate audio that creates the soundtrack to each player's unique experience. Solving puzzles and saving spirits will unlock and produce happier sounds, while killing spirits will make darker sounds. Hootlin was nominated for a Canadian Videogame Award in the category of Best Student Game!

The aMotion Toolkit Painting with Affective Motion

Matt Lockyer and Lyn Bartram

Visual artists and designers frequently use carefully crafted motion textures – patterns of ambient motion throughout a scene -- to imbue the atmosphere with affect. The design of such ambient visual cues is an elusive topic that has been studied by painters, theatre directors, scenic designers, lighting designers, filmmakers, producers, and artists for years. Recent research shows that such motion textures have the capacity to be both perceptually efficient and powerfully evocative, but adding them to scenes requires careful manipulation "by hand": no tools currently exist to facilitate this integration. The aMotion toolkit is a palette of motion "brushes" for image and video based on our existing affective motion research.

Chair - The Augmented Reality App

Norris Chiang, Shun Lee, Brenda Tso, Tiffany Ip, Michael Chiu

By using augmented reality in home furnishing, our project is a tablet application that allows people to place virtual chairs in a live video footage of their room. The goal is to help people to visualize what their room would look like with the chair without having to purchase and place a real one.

Briefly Mentioned on GlobalTV on SIAT Showcase 2012 (Improved Prototype, starts in 44th sec):


Science Exhibits

Maggot Painting

Who knew maggots can create works of art! Let your creative juices flow by painting with maggots and watch them wiggle into a masterpiece. Learn about how these icky creatures are recognized as valuable evidence in human and animal death investigations.

Molecular Biology and Biochemistry

Nothing is too small when you learn about what's inside a living cell - Just visit our mini-lab! Watch how gels are used to analyze protein molecules - kids can make gels of their own, and explore puzzles and giant interactive molecules. Use a video microscope to ask about how tiny organisms explore their micro-world - Can they smell? Can they see?



Life is Cool

Feel marine critters between your hands! Interact with a pool of marine critters including starfish, sea urchins, sea cucumbers and hermit crabs at SFU Open House. Watch a biologist investigate the anatomy of a worm and learn about parasites that live inside them. Guests will get an opportunity to interact and come face to face with many living species.

SFU Open House 2012 is best viewed on Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari Browsers.



From Plato to Nietzsche, the I-Ching to the New Testament, Michelangelo's frescoes to Akira Kurasawa's samurai epics, study the coolest works of Eastern and Western thought with the Department of Humanities.

Language Training Institute

Learn a language at SFU's Language Training Institute and open up a whole new world for yourself. imagine speaking to your neighbour in their native language or travel and do business while speaking the client's language. Expand your understanding of cultures and communities at SFU Open House. Engage with our das auto car-guessing game, Japanese kimono activity, photo session with Dirndi or Lederhosen and watch a Chinese dance and flute performance. Find out what you're name is in Chinese or Japanese at our booth.


From Asian cinema to Hollywood North, sushi restaurants to Japadog, Buddhist monasteries and karaoke bars, the Asia-Canada Program gives you a dynamic perspective on Canada’s relationship with the world’s fastest-growing region.

Engage with the coolest aspects of Asia’s influence on Canada:

  • Chinese martial arts films and the influence of Asian cinema on Hollywood
  • The epic voyages of the first Chinese-Canadians in the 19th century
  • Explore Asian culinary staples like sushi, bubble tea, and dim sum
  • The infamous Chinese head-tax
  • Buddhism’s presence in contemporary Vancouver
  • Mixed marriages and interracial dating in Asian-Canadian society
  • Study here, study the world. The Asia-Canada Program. Engaging Asia in Canada.