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Stephanie Bertels

Assistant Professor, Beedie School of Business

SFU Business assistant professor Stephanie Bertels is one of three Canadian researchers undertaking a project to examine a Suncor Energy environmental violation, determine best practices for regulatory compliance and explore the benefits of creative sentencing for improving organizational learning.

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Emily Ip

Graduate, School of Interactive Arts and Technology

SFU's School of Interactive Arts and Technology blends media and cultural analysis, the science of human experience and new technologies to create experimental works of art. Emily if attracting international attention with enVella, a dress that changes shape to envelop and protect the wearer in response to changes in heart rate and body temperature.

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Rodney Vaughan

Professor, School of Engineering  Science

Engineering science professor Rodney Vaughan prepares to test an antenna’s radiowave pattern in this futuristic-looking lab
in the applied sciences building. New research into antenna designs will provide better reception (i.e., more bars) on mobile

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