SFU's Got Talent

Saturday, May 26, 2012 at SFU Convocation Mall Main Stage

We're pleased to offer SFU's Got Talent, a showcase of SFU students, faculty and staff performing on SFU Convocation Mall main stage. The showcase will feature singers, musicians and dance performances that are guaranteed to entertain the crowd. 



Performing: Dance hip-hop

SFU Hiphop

Performing: Dance

Kristen, Karl and Valen

Performing: Singing

Jenni and Trevor

Performing: Acoustic Folk Music

This Side of Town

Performing: Rock Group

Miss You in Tuques

Performing: Electronic Dance Music

Bollywood Hungama

Performing: Modern Bollywood Dance

My Bloody Heart

Performing: Singing/Rapping

Wendy He

Performing: Solo Singing


Performing: 5 Member Band

Xinglu Wang

Performing: Pianist (Chinese & Western)

Frank Campbell

Performing: Music from 50's, 60's, 70's

Ashley Nijjer

Performance: Singing and Acoustic Guitar