Shirley Au BBA'09

Most Memorable Moment at SFU:  I had learned prior to coming to SFU how spectacular their Co-operative Education program was.  Little did I know how much support I would be provided as I was selected to become a mentor and was successfully placed in two very valuable co-op placements.  One of which, shortly after I graduated provided me with an opportunity to work full-time with.  Simply no regrets going through the Co-op program and I recommend it for everyone!

Frederick Bantados B.Sc'11

Most Memorable Moment at SFU: Competing in case competitions with students from around the world. I made so many friends and got to network with the best minds in the industry.

[Picture from Global Business Case Competition 2011: Global Team]

Jennie (Nomura) Boulanger B.Sc '80

Most Memorable Moment at SFU: I remember the fantabulous honey glazed donuts served by Marion in the South Court Lounge. Melt in your mouth! Even better was the wise advice and great conversations she also served all of us on a daily basis. She knew all of us by name. What a great mentor!

Fiona Burrows BGS '05

Most Memorable Moment at SFU: The learning environment was enhanced by my cohort classmates whose vast knowledge and experience provided a rich and engaging opportunity.  The best part of the experience was the creation of some wonderful friendships.

Brian Herrin MSc (ED) '86

Most Memorable Moment at SFU: During convocation I walked up the stairs and on to the stage and saw my mentor professor and head of the department sitting in the front row of the academics right in front of me.  I walked over to him and shook his hand before I went to receive my degree and the hat tap.  As I looked back I saw the entire line behind me lined up to shake his hand until someone dashed up and straightened them out.

Eunice Koh BBA '10

Most Memorable Moment At SFU: I’ll never forget trekking down the mountain on foot in the middle of a blizzard during one snowy February evening. The hike down was a long one, and we kept busy by making snow angels, losing a cell phone in the process, backtracking to retrieve said cell phone, and starting random snow ball fights.

Patricia Khuu BSc '09

Most Memorable Moment At SFU: My most meaningful memory was shaking Jack Layton's hand after he gave a speech on campus. It was an honour to meet one of Canada's leaders.

Yat Li BA '11

Most Memorable Moment At SFU: My most memorable SFU moment has to be when I was accepted into the Co-op Program. It was an opportunity for me to discover my career interests in a highly supportive environment. SFU Co-op opened career opportunities I would have never imagined, such as a two-semester international placement in Hong Kong at one of the world's most luxurious hotel. The advisors at Co-op are great people that care for your future and I highly advise everyone reading this to apply for Co-op. Give yourself a platform to gain practical skills, develop your strengths and all the while still being a student.

Kunny Ma BBA '11

She completed a summer internship with the United Nations Association in Canada. That fall, she moved to Toronto to pursue a career in marketing with Procter & Gamble.

Most Memorable Moment At SFU: Kunny chaired the 10th Annual BASS Banquet and launched one of the first student run mentorship programs with the help of YWiB. The school’s emphasis on entrepreneurship and social engagement enabled her to learn from students who inspire her everyday. The flexibility of the curriculum and the co-op program gave her the opportunity to work in a number of industries including communications, non-profit, financial services, advertising and brand management.

Ian MacGregor BSc '69

Most Memorable Moment At SFU: There were many great moments but one of the first was in 1966 when I was hired as a field assistant by one of my bio-science professors to work with him in the high Arctic ( Devon Island ).

Carol Macmillan (nee Robinson) BA '94

Most Memorable Moment At SFU: I started my degree in 1966 and in those days there was a quite a lot of political unrest. I remember being evacuated from the AQ due to an incident. It took me 28 years to finally graduate but one of my proudest moments was when I finally achieved an A+, and of course the graduation ceremonies!

Michelle Mark  BGS '12

Most Memorable Moment At SFU: SFU Cheerleading has become a big part of my life.  As a recent graduate (who has yet to even cross the stage!), I am already starting to feel like I am losing a big part of my life.  SFU Cheer will always be my second family!

Rob McTavish PhD 11, MA 02, BA 96

Most Memorable Moment at SFU: Early in my BA I came to campus on a convocation day and saw the pipers coming down into Freedom Square - it was such an inspiration to see all the graduands following down the stairs. To know that one day I would also do that walk (having no idea I would do it three times!!) and follow the pipers was so exciting to me.

Beverley Monk Sparks BA '70, PDP '71

Most Memorable Moment at SFU: During an American poetry class it occurred to me that our prof, Robin Blaser, really knew his stuff. This was amazing to me - a poet of his knowledge and caliber, in Burnaby, at a new university. How good was that! 

A more visual memory was the beauty of the fog in the fall and winter drifting through the concrete pillars of the concourse. Beautiful!

Rhonda Pedersen BA '84

Most Memorable Moment at SFU: It was a long time ago but it seems like yesterday....the profs in the Criminology Deptartment were so motivating...Curt Griffiths, Ray Corrado, Neil Boyd, Judith Osborne and Linda (RIP). They challenged us and gave us hope for brillant careers. Those were the good old days...Eating jujubes and studying with Louise in the girl's dorm (I lived at Shell House) and going out for saganaki and retsina at end of term was pretty awesome too!!! (1980-1984).

Dianne Ross BA '91

Most Memorable Moment at SFU: One of the many wonderful memories I have of SFU is when I took my courses during the summer semester, the SFU pipe band would be practising and as I walked to my car which was way out in the outer, outer, outer parking lots on the Burnaby campus, I would hear the band playing all the way to my little beat up car.  And it made me feel so good, especially when the sun was shining.  I loved this experience every single time it happened.  I was so grateful to be attending SFU and to hear our band practising.  It was absolute magic!

And then to have this wonderful band lead us in our convocation in June was so terrific.  I felt so proud of SFU and the band and my friends and relatives loved this convocation tradition with the pipes playing and us in our gowns and I knew at that time that I would miss hearing the band practising in the summers because I was now graduating.

Nima Sarhangpour BBA, BTM '12

Most Memorable Moment at SFU: The most memorable moment while being a student at SFU has been organizing CaseIT, North America's largest and premier undergraduate MIS case competition. After 10 months of rigorous planning, it was amazing to see the entire 4-day event come together with 16 teams from around the world, along with numerous delegates from 13 different corporate sponsors. This experience allowed me to further develop my leadership, interpersonal, strategic decision-making, and organizational skills.

Merle Smith BA '71

Most Memorable Moment at SFU: Attending my first tutorial, first year,  Sociology 101, I thought, listening with awe to the prof, Nathan Popkin, about intriguing relations between countries, thinking I'd died and gone to heaven, only to hear him say at the end that the course was in fact, 'International  Relations' '400'. I was in the  wrong room. I left deeply saddened. 
Years later, I volunteered and became a leader with an N.G.O. on a Canadian international committee ! One idea was to eliminate land mines. You know the rest. 

Sam Thiara BBA'86

Most Memorable Moment at SFU: My most memorable time at SFU was hanging out on the 5th floor of the library with friends.

JoAnne Ward (nee MARLOW) BA' 71 PDP '72

Most Memorable Moment at SFU: I loved attending SFU during the summer, when classes were small and conversation with students and the profs were rich and spontaneous.  I loved the fact that I completed three degrees (Economics, Commerce and Education) in 4 years by going straight though all three semesters each year.

Awin Ye BBA'12   

Most Memorable Moment at SFU: SFU allowed me to compete in multiple international business case competitions around the world including Hong Kong, Singapore, and Thailand. I loved the teammates I trained with, coaches who helped us improve on our skills, other competitors from other universities, and the memories that came with it. The moment when we found out we won the most innovative solution in APEX Business IT Challenge in Singapore 2010 was very satisfying. All our hard work has been recognized. I am very grateful that SFU gave us these opportunities to compete around the world.