Record Keeping

ORS has its own policies with respect to record keeping.

Applicants for research funding are required to provide the Office of Research Services (ORS) with a file copy of any formal research funding proposal, application or letter of intent as part of the University approval process. The SFU Funding Application Signature Sheet must be used when obtaining University approval for applications directed to either internal or external sources. A copy of the completed signature sheet is returned to the applicant for record purposes.

Many research funding applications include extensive illustrations, bibliographies, and curriculum vitae. Copies of such documentation is not retained by ORS. ORS requires from the applicant only an abbreviated version of most applications. The exception is those grant applications directed to industry, in which case, ORS requires the complete document.

For all other grant submissions, ORS maintains on file pending receipt of the funding outcome, the following limited pages:

  • SFU Research Funding Application Cover Signature Sheet
  • Agency's title page
  • Signature page(s)
  • Participant and/or partner pages
  • Summary or brief description of the proposed research
  • Detailed budget and all accompanying financial information
  • Copies of certificates for Animal Care, Biosafety, Human Subjects, etc. which pertain to the proposed research
  • NSERC form 101
  • Appendices to NSERC forms
  • Letters of support or commitment from Chairs, Deans, collaborating companies or institutions etc.

If an application is not funded, the ORS copy is destroyed by confidential shredding. If an application is funded, ORS keeps the above documentation and any further correspondence concerning that grant until one year after the grant account is closed. University Records Retention Schedules and Disposal Authorities pertaining to Research Services can be found at the Directory of University Records (DUR).

It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that a complete copy of their application material is maintained in their own records.